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Washington DC Taxis.

Room , 8/F, New Kowloon Plaza 38 Tai Kok Tsui Road Kowloon, Hong Kong T. + - - F. + - - In der Kantine der DS Shanghai Pudong werden für die Kinder, Lehrer- und Erzieherteams sowie Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeitern Mahlzeiten in reichhaltiger Vielfalt und Auswahl für den großen und kleinen Hunger angeboten.

Washington DC Taxi Cabs

In der Kantine der DS Shanghai Pudong werden für die Kinder, Lehrer- und Erzieherteams sowie Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeitern Mahlzeiten in reichhaltiger Vielfalt und Auswahl für den großen und kleinen Hunger angeboten.

Why did Saville spend so much time at the Palace? Cream tea with the Queen? I dont think so! What was Jim really fixing? We are the Spiritual force that Mr Cati refers to. One head at a time. We are all doing our bit. But remember this we here in the UK are where the real Rothschild empire began. The Rothschilds were the hidden hand behind the creation of the Zionist state of Israel.

Our whole political system is riddled with Israili influence and the majority of our politicians are controlled or heavily influenced by the Jewish lobbyists. Both Blair and Cameron are strong Zionists. Just look at their track record. The world cannot be transformed through the same level of consciousness that created the problems it is experiencing.

However, by shifting to a higher level of consciousness, mass healing can begin. I looked through what you posted. I will never believe another high profile thing that is put on TV again. Not that I would watch it, knowing what I have learned over the last 3 years. VERY worthwhile viewing, just bite it off in chunks.

A lot of this stuff I never knew about at all esp. Anyone considering going into the military should view it. All those scenes of WWII fighting. The horror, the suffering, the unimaginable expectations of the soldiers and the massive destruction. Citizens themselves would never go to war. The Greatest Story Never Told https: I also asked for the protocol for isolating Ebola virus. However, I felt grounded and 10 years younger after the treatment and could kick both legs high in the air after the treatment.

However, my forearms were the most sensitive and hurt the most during the treatment. This really surprised me as I expected the sorest areas might be the knee I hurt or my right shoulder which is never happy with all the computer work I do. My forearms have been quite sore and achy since Saturday so I applied some of the milk week balm to my forearms about 45 minutes ago and they feel so much better and the emollient properties of the balm have really made my skin look glistening and much younger.

ISIS will soon be neutralized and the wars will end. US Treasury is not under the control of the Cabal and is a critical piece in preparation for the transition. In at number 78 this week. Thanks for the great report Ben. I went to the Lennon pdf. Jeez, I know nothing. So Michael Jackson and Lennon are still alive. Jackson lives in Dubai and Lennon in Toronto and he performs under another name if you believe this guy. Ireland stands up against water tax, tens of thousands march in protest.

I see a pattern here: Remember all the talk of acid rain? Well, disease grows in acid, so now we too often buy our water — to avoid the acid, fluoride, etc. Pretty soon, they will control our water, which is a source of human life and without doubt an inalienable right! I have been reading for years how they are quietly buying up our water companies.

Ireland is facing a massive flow of protests against the new water tax, with tens of thousands of people joining in rallies across the country on Saturday. It Will Take 6. Thank you for posting these sites. I grew up hatching monarchs, and growing milkweed in NY. I have already planned on growing some in the gardens that we are in the process of putting together. The pictures were taken by a student with a cellphone camera. They show a teacher demonstrating how to use a strap-on sex toy in a number of different positions.

Nevermind record Ice pack, and record cold temps across both the northern and southern hemisphere.. Nevermind the announced cooling taking place….

Its awesome to be with the humans and all the other creatures of lovely mother earth in there continuim of consciousness golden expansions ….. And of course our star brothers and sisters delivering there amazingly effective and potent white magic,employing there high technologies with great wisdom……High technologies the earth humans now regain and utilize in there medicine bags,and all operating systems so as to truly serve all….. We have reason to believe this is not an invented story.

Ask yourself who does this kind of thing. This area was hit by an Israeli trained militia. It amazes me that things like that seem so impossible to gather news on at the grassroots level, yet we know how much weight a certain celebrity has gained in her pregnancy. I am obviously missing some detail here…. The Draft Proclamation of Independence and Constitution 3. Campaigns, Issues and the Training of Local Leaders. Hundreds of new volunteers have flocked to our ranks in the past several months, and inspired by our vision of a liberated and sovereign nation, are being organized and trained within the six Districts of the Republic of Kanata.

We expect to see many of you as delegates and observers at our first Constitutional Convention in Winnipeg, between January , Not only will that event see a Proclamation of Independence declared and a Constitution for Kanata adopted, but the work of our regional groups will be shared and built upon, to unite more of our people under our banner. By Jon Rappoport November 1, http: Even after the pandemic faded, this more authoritarian control and oversight of citizens and their activities stuck and even intensified.

In order to protect themselves from the spread of increasingly global problems—from pandemics and transnational terrorism to environmental crises and rising poverty—leaders around the world took a firmer grip on power. As you read this article, keep in mind that the Rockefeller Empire is very much a medical empire. The Rockefeller Foundation, along with the Carnegie Foundation, changed the course of modern medicine, reinventing it as a global pharmaceutical colossus, whose rationale was: Therefore, every so-called viral epidemic, hyped to the hilt, assists in the promotion of the germ as the invisible terrorist, thereby reinforcing toxic medical drugs as the only answer for humankind.

Call me insane if you wish, but I have always believed Elvis never died either. When you weigh up all the evidence, the story put out is just not plausible! Knowing what we know now re the cabal, it actually makes sense he disappeared or he almost certainly would be pushing up daisies now!

In this video Luke Rudkowski talks to Dr. Shiva is an Indian environmental activist and anti-globalization author to find out more about her check out http: We all know better. Boy, is that beer going to taste good! Our main historic enemy to the implementation of our plan was obviously the national states. Globalization, globalization, European institutions, mass immigration were so many tools that we have used with great success for 30 years and now national identities and feelings of belonging were significantly reduced, as patriotic feelings.

The politicization of the masses has been significantly reduced, nations as we hoped, become fragile and can now be destabilized from within. We thus have to pursue with constancy the immigration policy allowing to make considerable masses of poor people come from the South into impoverished countries of the North.

We have to with constancy make rise the most radical Islam to instigate at the most the hatreds and the dissension in the peoples.

When we will bring economic collapse, then the most absurd that we have developed in each country lead most of these countries to large-scale civil wars where each community will be responsible for us to kill the largest number communitarianism members of the other community. When we shall provoke the economic collapse, then the most absurd communitarianism which we have developed in every country will conduct the largest part of these countries towards large-scale civil wars where every community will take charge for our account to kill the largest number of the members of the opposite community.

Blacks against whites in the USA, Muslim against Christians in Europe, these civil wars will have the immense advantage to destroy the people without confrontations between degenerate countries into nuclear power world war.

Finally, when the wars will destroy countries, we shall take advantage of it to amplify the distribution of viruses such as our project of e-bola 2. All these elements, lack of preparation of the peoples, their dependence towards all the support systems will make them particularly vulnerable to our various actions. The economic collapse should quickly propagate to the whole planet. China will collapse under the weight of social unrests and Russia, which still raises us problems at the moment, should see its problem settled in as we hope for it, but lets say that for the moment it is the Russian-Chinese axis which sets the biggest resistance against our vision of future.

We do not exclude, if we did not manage to convince, to use the weapon of the assassination targeted towards personalities refusing our program of depopulation and the support to our ideology of the eternal life.

Fascinating what they have to say about psychopaths. RT takes a look at the different stages of reconstructing the world famous landmark. The story One World Trade Center was the final part of the complex to be completed. Construction started eight years ago to build the meter structure, despite political and legal wranglings, which threatened to derail the project. Comment by macnorthofseattle on November 4, 1: If I am arrested, it will trigger a fight.

Some of the people on the files I have to be released in case something happen to me are now my allies so I will have to consider my disclosures carefully. Earlier I was happily sitting with a glass of milk and some Oreo biscuits on my lap. Before I had even finished the thought, her hand was reaching down taking a biscuit. I noticed in that moment however that there appeared to be a law or a rule at play. It is as though the greater self is teaching us a subtle lesson every moment.

We can almost feel the slight vibratory changes that occur as we have these kinds of thoughts. There is an inner shift of energy that we are able to experience in this physical body. It is very subtle but it is there. Tomorrow is election day in the United States.

I wish there was another choice on the ballot or a way to vote none of the above. Funny you mention Elvis. They even showed a picture of an appropriately aged Elvis hair all white with Bill Clinton. He looked just like he used to except for the color of his hair. I could totally believe it. Neither of the 2 main parties get any benefit. Thank you for the reply. I knew you probably had a plan in case of arrest. What about Chodoin Daikaku? Does he have someone helping him?

I highly recommend the following 8 minute vid talking about the mind predators that Don Juan the mexican indian shamam told Carlos Castaneda about. John Lamb Lash via info from the Nag Hammadi calls them the archons. This topic, including Carlos Castaneda has been spoken of here many times. Some of us are well acquainted with his writings but even if you are not this vid is well worth the watch. Roytheboy, I feel you will really enjoy the info. Carlos Castaneda and Don Juan Matis have given us great treasures with their words.

Don Juan explains to Carlos how the human mind works from a shamans point of view. I have used short clips from the movie Revolver and the movie, The Matrix to give a modern point of view that will help explain the old shamans way of thinking. More great information can be found at Eckhart Tolle TV http: Elkhart Tolle explains silencing the mind.

The Teachings of Don Juan, and the rest of that Series, where the single most important books that I ever read, as they represented the very first coherent explication of the paradoxes that I, as pre-teen, struggled with… Concepts of Infinity, consciousness, life and death… I believe I read them when I was 17, and had first started to Smoke Pot and do Mushrooms and LSD…. I walked into federal court smoking marijuana on purpose.

The War on Drugs is nothing more than the latest eugenics spree by these same bankster, genocidal families -Bush, Rockefeller, Rothschild, Warburg etc see Buck v. I intend to help everybody in there appeal their conviction or plead not guilty to possession or sale of narcotics by accusing the US government, correctly, of entrapping them into a criminally designed and operated racket as in RICO posing as a normal, healthy society.

In the October interview, at the He was called Mad Bear and was a great, powerful hu-man. We spoke of many things. I was curious about Castaneda and asked Mad Bear about him and if it was true. Mad Bear assured me it was factual and that he was actually great friends with Don Juan the Yaqui shaman. Comment by wolfintimber on November 4, Night all — thanks for the many good posts and to Ben and David also for their contributions.

Finally had a chance to listen to your Kerry interview. Just wanted to throw out a heartfelt Thank You for all you guys have done, are doing, and hope still to do.

The end result should prove a triumph of integrated infrastructure—roads, high-speed rail, pipelines, ports—that will connect China to Western Europe and the Mediterranean Sea—.

China plans roads, high-speed rail, pipelines and fiber optic networks to link the country with the rest of Eurasia. The US Air Force dismissed two undisciplined commanders from its nuclear missile corps on Monday, a move taken in response to a string of leadership lapses in the nuclear department, a report said.

Warren Air Force Base, Wyoming. The second commander, Lieutenant Colonel Jimmy Keith Brown, was also relieved of command for the same reason. There was also a third commander, Colonel Michael Pagliuco, who was not dismissed but received some disciplinary action.

Pagliuco is in charge of the three missile squadrons at Minot Air Force Base, North Dakota, which is also responsible for Minuteman 3 missiles. The US Air Force has been rocked by a series of scandals in the past two years. The problems caused by Air Force nuclear missiles staff ranged from low morale to cheating and serious security lapses.

The Air Force announced in January that dozens of nuclear launch officers across six US Air Force bases were caught in a drug and cheating scandal. Air Force Secretary Deborah Lee James said a drug probe had been widened to include cheating on regular proficiency tests that service members have to take monthly. He added that the cheating was done by text messages through which officers exchanged knowledge of how to operate the missiles.

You lead a very interesting life. I would love to meet some true Native american indians who understand what their forefathers knew. They hold a knowledge and a key which would I believe help us to heal this planet.

Patricia, I think you are doing great work with those Monarch Butterflies. These are the things that are important in life and not the BS we have been led to believe. Are we able to name the 9 heads? The most important one to cut off.

I dont need to name it but we are getting there. NaturalNews For anyone who still believes that the Obama Administration — the president in particular — is not still playing politics with the Affordable Care Act, this story ought to dismiss those doubts once and for all.

Steven Tucker on his blog site. It make navigating the blog easier so much more pleasurable than endless texting and empty heads. All the nuclear waste that is piling up at every nuclear reactor that they never discovered what to do with is going to eventually kill off most of life on our planet but who cares since we have managed a faster way Fukushima to do ourselves in.

Many believe that low levels of radiation are actually good for your health and they use that belief to lighten the load of the nuclear industry, which is proving to be a formidable death machine. The conclusions in this essay are devastating to our sense of humanity. It exposed a great cruelty perpetuated on at least million people. It is time to wake up and start crying in our hearts, about what is happening to the children because of Fukushima.

About what is happening and will happen for the rest of their lives, which will be dramatically shortened and certainly sickened. Radiation levels have recently increased significantly in the United States to the point where the whole country might consider itself a potential hot zone.

Beta graphs of the U. Environmental Protection Agency show a sharp increase in air radiation levels across the country. The results reveal that numerous government radiation stations showed beta radiation activity at four-month highs many multiples above background levels of dangerous radiation particles.

It is apparent that even when the sirens should be blaring not a word is said in the mainstream press or anywhere else except by EnviroReporter. Major metropolitan centers as well as more rural regional sites showed a strong upward trend.

According to a blog on the ethericwarriors. The archons want us all dead. Update on the release of gold from the Global Debt Facility to replace fractional reserve fiat currencies. Video Update from Karen Hudes: Comment by suncrystal on November 4, 9: They do this willingly with love.

I read the UK Daily Mail about every day because they cover pedophile news…which seems to be ongoing. A woman, forgot her name , was a friend of one of the accused pedophiles. She was appointed head of the commission to investigate the guy, of course. She had to step down due to public outcry. This is significant to me.. The Daily Mail also publishes a lot of articles about the rampant pedophelia problem there.

They also have printed articles about Jimmy Seville and his connection to the queen and Margaret Thatcher. Because my father was a pedophile, I rejoice that the news is out. It is so repugnant to most people, they have gotten away with it way too long.

Many children in Fukushima were never evacuated after the nuclear meltdown on March 11, Now the number of Fukushima children found to have thyroid cysts and nodules is increasing. What will this mean for their future? Plus it reports on the status of the monitoring stations throughout the US. Martha — Well said. I hope that there is a serious outing going on against these perverts as they have been protected for far too long.

I watched an interesting video on youtube titled Saville and the 9th Circle. Yesterday I routinely checked all of the X-ray machines for leakage using the radiation detector made by SE International.

This detector is calibrated and certified every year using Cesium It measures alpha, beta, gamma and X-rays. The background radiation levels are normal and there is no change from previous tests.

No one is dying here. I have no worries about Fukushima radiation. Do your readings conincide with the ones at http: So, I do want to keep tabs on the radiation situation.

Having a small nodule on your thyroid is more common than you would think and almost always is benign. I have a small nodule on my thyroid so I put Iosol Formula II iodine drops in my drinking water once daily.

Excellent support for a healthy thyroid. Efficacy trials for two different Ebola vaccines are slated to begin in December. As reported by The Verge: For starters, vaccine manufacturers are demanding indemnity against lawsuits that may arise from the use of a fast-tracked Ebola vaccine,2 similar to the indemnity claimed by the United Nations UN , whose peacekeepers stand accused of causing the cholera outbreak in Haiti after the earthquake that devastated the small country.

The following post should serve as a serious red flag to all of you who currently mindlessly serve the state in some capacity. When the Shanghai exchange runs dry out of silver, they will use the event as a legitimate checkmate excuse to revalue both silver and gold. This ties in with Dr. This is no accident. Silver is the sacrificial pawn. Gold and silver are about to slingshot out of the station!

The game ends when Shanghai runs out of real silver! Before the end of a shock will come to the metal markets, but first prices will drop further.

Call in to check the inventory left on hand. Build up your cash position. Just when your dealer runs dangerously low in supply, prepare for one last silver raid at the cheapest possible price! Then sit with a glass of cherry or drink of your choice and watch the carnage unfold! Come January, prices will double! And kickoff a bull run the world has never seen before! With enough silver in physical possession, you can retire in the year ! The satisfying moment—the last breath—stackers have been painfully holding onto is now around the corner.

I believe it was her brother that was in some way implicated from memory. Re Annett I know a lot of people on here follow his activity. I do not doubt that where there is smoke there is fire but I personally dont buy into Annett. He is a strange fish for sure. Out of interest, some time ago I emailed a guy called Greg Olson. I approached him in a very curteous and professional way and asked him to reiterate his findings.

He answered my first email so I know he got the messages and he seemed to want to know more about me. I told him a little about the reason for my enquiry but to date he has not contacted me further, despite a number of follow up emails.

Olson who worked for the Fire department in some forensic capacity was I believe told to leave it all alone by his supervisors when they discovered his involvement. Its easy to draw some incorrect conclusions about this on many levels and so I prefer to let readers draw their own conclusions from what I have said. Were the fire department just covering the reputation of their own organisation seeing that his involvement was perhaps inappropriate? This may be the reason he did not reply.

My only observation is that the collection of evidence is best left to experts. If these were indeed mass burial sites then they should be excavated by police forensic teams rather than some guy who agreed to come along from the fire department. Not all cops are bad. Many believe they are doing a good service.

Many others are arses as I am sure some of us know. But nevertheless, cops are trained to investigate crime and once they have been given some credible information that there is a possible mass burial site they would be legally obliged to investigate.

I have seen no other independant evidence that the bones found were the bones of children, though I stand to be corrected. Approximately six letters to the editor of the Canadian Sun Media chain have seen the Parliament shooting for what it is. Here is the latest: It seems surreal that in Canada there could be any debate about the rule of law that says we are innocent until proven guilty, that police must disclose their sources to the judge, and that it is illegal to target people based on their ethnicity and religion.

Surely, a more proportionate response would be to place an armed guard at the front door of Parliament. Yet we have the Calgary Police Services gloating about their latest technology, which they kept the province in the dark about:.

As of Monday, NeoFace is officially part of the Calgary investigative arsenal, and a customized program called NeoFace Resolve will compare suspects captured on camera to the , faces currently in the Calgary mugshot databank. Calgary police officials say NeoFace was approved by their own lawyers, as it only enhances work currently being done manually, but Sibbald says the new technology still touches many privacy concerns.

Bring out the sex and shriek about this non-story at the top of your lungs. Jian hosted a talk show and allegedly abused women. The amount of journalist time going to this compared to the stripping of rights in Canada means that CBC is complicit in the fakery in Ottawa, and held these allegations until now on purpose. How loud do the alarm bells have to ring before CBC management takes action against sexual harassment — even sexual abuse — under its very nose?

How obvious do the warning signs have to be? For the past eight days, as the Jian Ghomeshi scandal unfolded, the most senior levels of the public broadcaster have been asking us to believe they learned of the seriousness of his behaviour only on Thursday, Oct. No, the readings I get are far, far lower. I measure rainwater, ambient air, soil. The readings have not changed for years except for the week following Fukushima. At that time the numbers were two to three times normal but still within safe levels.

Then they went back to normal levels. About a year ago I saved two links to webcams within a few miles of Fukushima and I posted them on this blog. Lots of people and vehicles going about their daily business. Benjamin says there is no problem in Japan. Caleb, Sooo… when will you be here? So often you are here when no one else is. It would be fun to synchronize so we could all converse. The most worrisome fact: Many of my readers have seen my article Nuclear Blackmail, which outlines the mysterious disappearance of helium 3 and the resulting inability of America to detect nuclear weapons moving into the nation through the ports, and also to track them around the country.

Because helium 3 is a byproduct of the nuclear weapons industry, there is no reason at all for the lack of it in America, yet this is precisely what has happened — America ran out of it and because nuclear weapons detectors, which look for neutrionos actually consume helium 3 and need to be replenished, they are all now offline and America cannot protect its ports.

The reason for the lack of this isotope of helium can only be by pure intent, with people in key places making sure it somehow vanishes. THAT is how defeated America now is. And I do not believe it happened by accident, the article Nuclear Blackmail pretty much says it all. Is our Federal government being blackmailed with a nuclear threat from Israel to attack Syria?

Consider this — Never in the history of this nation has the government lacked the support of the people so strongly with any other topic. Even Faux News is reporting that support for the war is hovering around 15 percent, with 85 percent of the people against it.

And if you have a number that high, you can bet that the top 30 to 40 percent are rabidly opposed to this war. If America really is still a democratic republic, numbers like these are a death sentence to those in office. There is no way the Israeli lobby or any zionist front could ever convince the elected leaders of a nation to act against numbers this strong. I believe that there is a very high probability that the American government is behaving belligerently because it has been placed under threat.

Nuclear Blackmail outlines how Brazil, Germany, Japan, and America have been placed under threat after getting security contracts with the same Mossad front that destroyed Fukushima. This was accomplished by getting gun type nuclear weapons into the facility poorly disguised as stereoscopic cameras. Assuming an enemy is in charge of America is pretty easy to do, considering the way things are going.

That makes me strongly suspicious of any high ranking military firings, and the recent firing of two high ranking nuclear arsenal commanders does not bode well with me.

If Obama wants military commanders who will kill Americans, and he has now taken the purge of those who will not to those who control the nuclear weapons it is a serious cause for concern. Another person is saying Nixon was our last liberal president. Probably, the US has never had a more liberal president than Nixon. He supported the Clean Air Act of Nixon federalized Medicaid for poor families with dependent children and proposed a mandate that private employers provide health insurance to employees.

He desegregated public schools and implemented the first federal affirmative action program. Abundance is your birthright. It is the natural state of the cosmos and life as we know it.

Look around you, abundance is everywhere — trees, flowers, food, air, water continually renew themselves endlessly. However, Goldberg got the story wrong, very wrong. Goldberg is, it seems, softening the blow to Netanyahu. Today, starts the first day of one of the largest, most viral student-led lunchtime boycotts. Farmington High School of Farmington, Connecticut organized the Facebook event to boycott the school lunches for November th.

The peaceful consumer demonstration protests not only the incredibly dismal quality of the food, but also the harsh credit system that denies lunches when accounts are slightly overdrawn. Over people have signed up to attend.

Students have found mold, uncooked chicken, expired food, unidentifiable blobs, dead bugs and human hairs. But to add insult to injury, students are not alerted when their accounts are running down. Instead, their lunch is taken and chucked into garbage cans right next to the register; right in front of their faces and peers. In one instance, a parent complained that her daughter who has Type 1 diabetes was forced to throw out her only meal — a yogurt.

Another student had his lunch laid waste because he was short 50 cents. Speaking as a former public school staff member, this example highlights a nationwide problem of schools subletting food quality to the lowest possible private bidder.

High school senior and organizer David Casella said: Comment by iamlight on November 4, 9: Some freemasons claim they worship the black sun. Click on the empty head and you will be sent to a page that will put your picture in the head box-and also other places on the net.

Comment by suppqueen on November 5, 4: This was just shared, a unique rainbow cloud… http: But ours was different. It was different in that the WHOLE cloud was a puffy rainbow and was the same kind of cloud as a few others in the sky at the time. This one is very intriguing though, and gorgeous. Thought readers might enjoy it. This video does not exist.

Check out who the police in Calgary are using to flog their facial recognition Nazi machine. Never let a good hoax go to waste! They are sooooooo beautiful! Okay, I want to tell you a story. Something I just wrote here that popped into my head. It is a story where in it, several facts are contained. This is typical of the writings of the book I was working on which was stolen. Ever hear of the hundredth monkey experiment? It is a proven scientific experiment. In short, here is what it is about.

This happens automatically even though there is no known or seen communication between them at all, and even though quite a lot of them are thousands of miles apart and separated by oceans all around the world. Scientists proved that in order for every single monkey of that species to automatically just know the skill, only a mere one hundred of them had to learn it.

You see folks, this is how it works on this planet. This is now a proven scientific fact. So what is all this talk lately about population control where they want to bring our numbers down to a certain five hundred million people.. Could the reason be that someone does not want us as a species to reach our magic number for some strange unknown reason?

Thus, preventing or thwarting the chances of us all from getting some sort of unknown automatically downloaded information? If so, would it be that they trying to prevent here in all us from automatically downloading? What kind of information are they trying to prevent all us earth humans here from automatically catching on to? This most likely is why they are trying to enforce some kind of reason to take your blood at road block checkpoints by cops through force.

They want to see just which red blooded humans so called junk DNA is being activated into bringing online our next evolutionary state as a species. They are attempting this next phase in an attempt at preventing us red blooded humans from reaching our magic number, because then it would be too late. Too late for them. Darwin was for the most part was wrong. He was another cabal plant. Check and see who he was related to in this big picture.

Darwinism is NOT how evolution works. That is a very small part of the picture. The effects of these energies on the many species that inhabit this planet is the activation of certain DNA strands within some of them. This affects all species on earth. In return, the DNA activation mutates the brains and bodies of the more able of that species on earth. Once it happens to a certain number of them which varies depending on which species, it then automatically downloads this important information into all.

This happens to all species at all pretty much the same time on this planet. We are nearing or are most likely in, and have already entered this time, this place of our earths cycle around the galaxy for this for this DNA switch to begin to activate. Some scientists know this cycle. They know about this event.

They know we are near or are right in it. They know that evolution occurs in these specific cycles on this planet and even more specifically they know when.

That also know that our DNA upgrades are occurring now in some. Instead they teach you Darwinism. This so called cabal we have running the show here. This other species, the ones who put themselves on the top… They know this. Their main goal is to prevent just this from occurring in us red blooded humans. This is why they call this the end times.

You can hear it clearly in that latest Bilderberg group speech, where they reveal their plans on how they will be treating us in the future after bringing down our numbers to a comfortable, controllable level. You can hear how they think about us red blooded peasants also in this speech. You see, our species is capable of attaining massive evolutionary levels far beyond our wildest imagination. Their species is not. They are inferior this way and they know it.

They are inferior in many ways. They are not from here. They are afraid of this happening to us and they are afraid of us finding this about them out.

They have planned on preventing our new evolutionary state from occurring for centuries and centuries. They want to avoid our earth human species evolution at all cost. They are bio bot lookalikes. A lack love waring species who hacked their way amongst us through stargates, which exist.

They are a product of an older species who has higher scientific technological gadgetry that impressed us red blooded humans some time ago where we thought they must be gods. They used it eventually to become our many leaders. They are forced to inbreed, because if they try to breed with us, a down syndrome child is the result. These ones on top, who say they lead us, think they are so much better than us. They want us to think so too, forever. In reality they are not worthy of the slightest hint of respect.

They have great disdain for us all. They actually enjoy treating us and others in the very cruelest of manners.

They enjoy torture, pillaging, suffering, and enforcing harsh deaths in others. They wish to bring our numbers down before our next phase in evolution as a species can be downloaded on a collective level. They know our DNA is seriously far more advanced than theirs. They have have done just what they are doing to us to other intelligent species on other planets before. They are a much older species and so, have much higher technology. This is their main goal and game in this universe. Control of all through force.

They want to remove most of us on this planet and replace us with their species. Hence, the altering of this planet, which is being terraformed right now for them to live here comfortably and also, to control us. They are terraforming earth through the use of chemtrails and other things.

They are doing this so that their species will be able to move right in and take over instead. They want to make sure that there are not enough of us humans activating on a DNA level to reach that magic number.

That way they are hoping we all stay the same, as easily manipulated and brainwashed as we are now. Once they get these people into quarantine they will quite simply just off them, never to be seen or heard from again. So you see why they want our numbers down to a particular number?

We will not be so dumb. We will not be so easily manipulated. They have gone through this cycle many times, and on their own and many other various planets with innocent intelligent species. They still have no heart, no imagination, even though they are so much older they still act like they do.

They steal our species creations of beauty and rub it in our faces as though they were able to make it themselves. Oh they would like to, but their minds are not capable, as they are mere computo bio bots of hate and want. They simply have stolen everything they have through manipulation, through mind control technologies, through hypnotism, through fear, and through the murder of others. Here is the problem for these arrogant inbreeding blue bloods that placed themselves at the top. These ones, who have so much copper in their blood, who when they bleed and the blood mixes with oxygen, they bleed blue , these lack loving different DNA than ours ones ones lack in numbers against all of us.

They also lack the ability for their half species to evolve to our next extraordinary level as a far superior species. We will be light years ahead of them. Their game would be over here forever. They are an out of control species of robotic satanic controlling hoarders who get off on sheer torture and utter hatred. They wish to use war, earthquakes, floods, famine, disease, fear and hatred to accomplish this goal against us. They are trying to prevent our earth human evolutionary cycle from happening to us all, as we near this special exciting time of ours.

They want to do this again and again to us. They are hoping that we will never be on to them so they can reign over us with terror forever. These ones are are mere psychopaths. It is so clear! Their aim is to keep us sidetracked. They want to keep us fighting each other. They have plans to keep us at war against each other. They keep us blind from knowing the real reasons why. They hypnotize us through ego to look up to daddy big bucks and thus, getting some of us to spray chemtrails, etc.

They keep us all eating genetically altered, dumbed down, mind weakening, DNA altered, thus, DNA weakening so called foods. Money is all they have over on us, period. The money they gained, through cheat. Their aim is to keep us working for them using our species to kill us all without knowing exactly why. They do it through money. This has been done through mass hypnosis, using fear tactics like that of which the military industrial complex uses to get our soldiers to robotically fight one anther without question.

They also do it through DNA altered chem foods of utter stupidity. They want to remove our species chances of evolution forever which is a necessity for them to remain in power. They want us to be be at war forever, while looking the other way.

We are doing this for them. We are their main tool, their main staple, us earth humans. Down with chem foods! Down with backwards psychological brainwashing through sports, hypnotizing movies, and so called hypno news and backwards wrong education. We, us red blooded humans are in reality a very compassionate loving species.

There has been a psychological war that has been undergone and is still ongoing against all of us here, and from the moment we were born. We have all undergone complete brainwashing and on an enormous scale in every way of our lives in what we are taught, and in every part of this planet.

We have been rendered into telling ourselves that we behave like they do. We are hypnotized at all times and in all ways. We have been in essence, rendered asleep. This is the illusion. Not everything around us. People who tell you everything here is all an illusion are being swayed to give you the wrong message.

It is a message to make you look the other direction and do nothing to stand up for yourselves and fix nothing. The illusion is our way of living. It is our belief system that we were taught. It is not our physicality. It is our educational systems. It is the misinformation that we studied and that is rammed down our throats, studying, brainwashing ourselves in order to get ahead.

We have to do something about this folks, not just think happy thoughts. We are NOT a warring greedy species at heart like they taught us to be. That is how they are. They work diligently and put all their resources into constantly brainwashing us to be just this way. They brainwash us all as small children, as teenagers and as adults.

We are so called educated to believe and behave just like they do. This is how they and we, justify it all as we remain asleep to the truth. They show us nothing but this type of behavior all day long on that stupid boob tube they tell us to watch in order to hypnotize us constantly into telling ourselves we are just like them and we do it. They keep us afraid to open our mouths and take any action at all.

They show us how we are warlike and egotistical in every movie they produce. We imitate what they feed us on TV and in our educational systems in our complete state of hypnotism where we buy into it all.

The people fall for it. They use fear as their main tool. Fear is the most powerful brainwashing tool they have and they use it to accomplish just this. They do it well. Most of us do nothing to waken the people up to truth. We tell them to do nothing but think pure thoughts and hold hands. They feed us dumbing down chemicals like fluoride and many others in our massed produced so called foods and water as well, and that includes store bought bottled water. They abuse those of us who are on to them.

Look out for the so called higher educated ones, most of them are more asleep, brainwashed in ego , than others. They get lost into the land of do nothing due to fear and are faster sell outs as weaker people who studied hard for more money for their own ego as they bought into the game. Go deep within the very core of your heart and know and feel this truth. Remember who you are and know that your made of love and that we all love each other.

Know that you are strong. We all want the best for ourselves, and for our friends and family. We want the best for all. We want to stand up for our rights! We want the best for earth. We are not an envious jealous breed. They will never tell you this. They want you to believe that you were born into original sin like they did in order to look like us. Your taught to be envious and bad like they are. Your taught to take what another has in want for yourself.

All humans will be on to them instantly when our magic number of DNA activation is reached. It will be too late for them. We will be instantly way above this rat race blue blooded species. Our new evolutionary state of being will be of pure divine intelligence.

That heightened state of intelligence in combination with our natural state of love, compassion and for the beauty of all good things, will be no match for these ones in any way what so ever.

Their entire game of keeping us blind, deaf, and dumb and as their slaves will be over. They will be forced to leave our planet, forever. An urge that pumped through my whole body and vibrated outwards towards the infinite abyss of nothingness that is us. There is always another way to look at things. The opposite of nothingness is everythingness.

There is of course no such word because we have never previously had a need for it. But whatever that thing is I have just described. That is our true nature. We are the thing that blends the good and the bad. However far it goes one way, it will always come back the other way. Push too far one way and then you will be pushed back the other way. We are the thing that brings balance by recognising this. We can choose to change and we can choose to change now by agreement.

When we understand that the need for balance effects all,of our lives not just our own small individual lives. Cholesterol — A Problem Solved? Wednesday 5 — Friday 7 July Register on line for conference. On line registration is now open to healthcare professionals and industry only. Early bird registration deadline: You can choose to attend for the full conference Wed-Fri , one day or the study day only. For full details on fees and what is included click here. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots.

You need JavaScript enabled to view it. The overall objective is to raise awareness of the importance of maintaining. The biggest risk to your kidneys is from uncontrolled diabetes or high blood. Click here to download a copy of our kidney health factsheet. Policy priorities for food in schools and early years settings: This seminar will assess next steps for policymakers, educators, parents, local councils and suppliers working together to deliver healthy school and early years environments across England - alongside wider moves to reduce childhood obesity levels.

Sessions will examine the priorities for the Department for Education when updating the School Food Standards in light of refreshed government dietary recommendations, as well as how to ensure academies and free schools also demonstrate a clear commitment to compliance.

Further sessions will consider the possibility of introducing auto-registration for free school meals, with opposition MPs calling for an amendment to the new Digital Economy Bill , to ensure all qualifying low-income families benefit from this entitlement, as well as options for reducing the number of fast food outlets in close proximity to schools such as capping planning permissions or limiting offsite access for students during school hours.

Implementing policy on sugar reduction - reformulation, consumer choices and regulation. Delegates at this conference will discuss the next steps for reducing sugar consumption in the UK.

The agenda is being structured to facilitate discussion on implementing the sugar tax, working with consumers to drive behaviour change, and overcoming the practical challenges to reducing sugar content - including discussion on portion size, labelling and reformulation. To purchase tickets, clinic please click on the following link: Discussion will focus on the potential of further regulation and taxation, including a sugar tax; the role of advertising; latest thinking on consumer choices and behaviour; and the progress and future challenges of the reformulation of products to reduce sugar content.

Further sessions will assess preventative measures adopted by local authorities and schools to tackle childhood obesity and the dissemination of best practice within the industry. For more information and to book click this link. Further information including background of conference, programme and how to register can be found here. Discounted Early bird rate expires on: The workshop brings together current knowledge and practice on dietary assessment methods, with a particular focus on choosing correct assessment techniques for optimising dietary intake data measurement.

The practical, guided session enables delegates to trial computational analysis of dietary data parallel to one-to-one drop-in discussions with experts in the field. Further information including workshop programme, outline of workshop and how to register can be found here.

This one day Nutrition Society course will cover experimental design, sample size and power calculations; plus more advanced techniques such as modelling outcomes, ANOVA model selection and linear regression including mixed models.

The Congress is the perfect setting to get the most updated, state-of-the art information on the latest developments related to early diagnosis, including innovative technologies and treatments. The program will incorporate presentations by leading specialists as well as oral and poster sessions. You are invited to view the preliminary scientific program which is subject to changes on our website. The program will also include a special stream for nutrition.

This conference will provide you with the opportunity to: The congress website can be reached at the following web address: The 2nd Diabetes Surgery Summit DSS-II is a consensus conference aimed at the development of clinical guidelines for surgical treatment of type 2 diabetes.

A multidisciplinary group of experts in the field of endocrinology, metabolic surgery, nutrition, cardiology and official representatives of leading diabetes organisations will develop guidelines and recommendations. To view the full details of this year's annual conference, please click here.

The Conference will aim to deal with all aspects related to early diagnosis, including innovative technologies and treatments and will bring together professionals from the fields of Hypertension, Nephrology, Endocrinology, Internal Medicine, Cardiology and more.

We hope that you will join us for what promises to be a stimulating professional and educational event and look forward to welcoming you to Venice. For more information or secure your place, please follow this link: For more information, please follow this link - http: London is a fantastic destination!

The conference centre is located at the heart of the Westminster area directly adjacent to the Houses of Parliament. The meeting promises to be the largest ever IFSO Congress and we look forward to welcoming professionals with an interest in the surgical treatment of obesity and type 2 diabetes. We are focusing on all aspects of multidisciplinary care. We will be demonstrating live operating from around the world with the latest techniques, as well as state-of-the-art lectures from invited world leaders.

We look forward to seeing you in London. For further details and to book your place, please visit www. Next steps for school food and children's nutrition.

Tuesday 3rd March Delegates at this conference will assess progress and next steps to improve school food and children's nutrition, and early lessons from the School Food Plan, and the mandatory school food standards which came into force in January Attendees will also discuss the progress of the Plan in delivering its aims of universal free meals for infants, increasing logistical support for head teachers, the opening of breakfast clubs and putting cookery back on the curriculum, as well as how practical and funding issues are being tackled - and challenges for further implementation.

Further sessions will assess the impact of the Government's proposed new food standards which detail changes to the way that school meals are planned and delivered, with the aim of ensuring greater flexibility within individual schools.

Delegates will also have the opportunity to discuss childhood nutrition more broadly, looking at parental responsibility, and encouraging children to take an interest in how food is grown and produced, and in pursuing an active, healthy lifestyle. New Frontiers in Fibre In light of the increased interest in the importance of fibre in our diet, the British Nutrition Foundation is holding a half day symposium, New Frontiers in Fibre, exploring fibre and health.

This will include presentations discussing emerging research on the role of fibre and novel fibres in mineral absorption, immunity, cardiovascular disease and obesity. The event will also explore the implications of increasing fibre in the diet generally, and in certain clinical groups.

Association for the Study of Obesity. In association with the Norfolk Obesity Network. Meeting 13 January , Cambridge. Updating the NICE guidelines for obesity: The science behind the guidelines.

Registration is open at the site below: This meeting will focus on the science behind the NICE obesity guidance. Dr Adrienne Cullum will present an overview of the evidence that forms the guidelines for the prevention and management of obesity, and Dr Carly Hughes will focus on the recent updates to CG43 - specifically the limiting of VLCD use to exceptional circumstances, and recommendations for referral to and after-care for bariatric surgery.

If you have any queries regarding the meeting please contact the East of England regional coordinator, Amy Ahern, at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. Practical training for all non-specialist nurses and doctors working in primary care. Featuring a workshop format plus interactive workbook and reflective templates, the study day will enable staff to incorporate evidence-based approaches to obesity and malnutrition within routine consultations.

The interactive course will take a strong focus on supporting behaviour change using motivational interviewing techniques, addressing issues such as goal setting, helping patients with severe and complex obesity, plus approaches for staff who have a weight problem themselves.

Registration is now open and full details for this important one day event, can be found on the website www. With almost two thirds of adults in the UK now classified as overweight or obese, there is no doubt that obesity is one of the most serious public health challenges of our time. But what part does sugar play in obesity and ill-health?

When consumed as part of a calorie-controlled diet, should it be singled out as any more to blame or any more harmful than fats or other carbohydrates and should sugar reduction be a health priority? The event, which is supported by The Wolfson Institute, will include high level briefings from leading experts followed by panel debates and open-floor discussions which will allow key questions to be asked and explored in a balanced and objective environment. To see the full programme and confirmed speakers, please click here.

Hosted places have been reserved for press and policy makers. Registration is now open and early-bird rates apply until 12th June. To register for the Summit please click here. If you have any questions or would like further information on any aspect of the event, please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. The conference for medical, cialis scientific, student and patient attendees with an interest in cardiovascular disease, lipids, atherosclerosis, cholesterol conditions and nutrition.

Implementing the School Food Plan - education, standards and free school meals. Monday, 2nd June

This will be my only reply to you Caleb. We look forward to seeing you in London.

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