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This isn't by any means a new technique: Having a large-number of long-running concurrent requests makes the A pache part of the standard LAMP stack a dubious implementation choice. Even without accounting for the sizeable overhead of spawning an OS process that, on average, twiddles its thumbs for a minute before reporting that no one has sent the user a message, the waiting time could be spent servicing some requests for regular Facebook pages. The result of running out of Apache processes over the entire Facebook web tier is not pretty, nor is the dynamic configuration of the Apache process limits enjoyable.

Distribution, Isolation, and Failover: Fault tolerance is a desirable characteristic of any big system: The results of inevitable programming bugs, hardware failures, et al. The way this is typically accomplished in a web application is by separating the model and the view: Because the data is persisted, a failed read request can be re-attempted.

Cache misses and database failure can be detected by the non-database layers and either reported to the user or worked around using replication.

While this architecture works pretty well in general, it isn't as successful in a chat application due to the high volume of long-lived requests, the non-relational nature of the data involved, and the statefulness of each request. Both subsystems are clustered and partitioned for reliability and efficient failover.

In short, because the problem domain fits Erlang like a glove. Erlang is a functional concurrency-oriented language with extremely low-weight user-space "processes", share-nothing message-passing semantics, built-in distribution, and a "crash and recover" philosophy proven by two decades of deployment on large soft-realtime production systems. Despite those advantages, using Erlang for a component of Facebook Chat had a downside: Fortunately, we have Thrift.

Thrift translates a service description into the RPC glue code necessary for making cross-language calls marshalling arguments and responses over the wire and has templates for servers and clients. Since going open source a year ago we had the gall to release it on April Fool's Day, , the Thrift project has steadily grown and improved with multiple iterations on the Erlang binding.

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Having Thrift available freed us to split up the problem of building a chat system and use the best available tool to approach each sub-problem. It is rather keeping each online user aware of the online-idle-offline states of their friends, so that conversations can begin.

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