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This results in a broken screen eventually. The people I wrote a comment on about 6 weeks ago have all been so understanding and helpful and explained the warranties to me and helped with getting the proper product, etc. Yesterday I went back for DVD player 37! I also bought a flat screen TV with mounts and a tray to hold the cable box. A sales associate named Leasa saw that I needed some assistance as my son is in a wheelchair. She showed me everything I needed and listened rto me as I explained how I needed to mount the TV and then she made sure I had everything I needed.

She brought everything to the front for me and made sure the people in the from knew whose merchandise was there. She wa so helpful and I was very appreciative. Then Edy helped with the purchase as well as the exchange for the DVD and then helped me get everything to my car. In my profession as a consulting teacher, I am used to going above and beyond to help teachers, students and parents. Not so at this Best Buy.

Thank you to all who make the trip to buy or exchange a non-stressful experience. I have tried every phone number at the Best Buy where I bought the thing…. Store employees were very disorganized!

Manager tells my boyfriend to go to register to get a preorder confirmation and employee behind register said she cannot do it and told my boyfriend to go get the manager that told him. Then we were asked to go to customer service desk.. Newdless to say…waste of gas and time.

What happened to good customer service?? Employees should be trained better and be more educated on how to assist customers better!! His Dad went to pick it up the day before xmas his name was on the order my name was on the order he was told,we can not find the order without the order or the phone that the order was placed with. He had to walk out without the order,or a presant for his Son for Xmas. Does anyone in Best Buy care?

I do trust all the ideas you have offered in your post. Still, the posts are very short for newbies. Could you please lengthen them a bit from subsequent time? Thanks for the post. I am writing you to advise you that you have proven that American has become a second class nation. Since purchasing a computer from your store I have had nothing but problems from day one. So much so that my hard drive has crashed twice and although it is covered under manufacturer warranty and is being fixed at no cost it still has crashed twice.

This has been major disruption in my business activities so we purchased a second low end computer to compensate from the down time which is three days old and I am receiving error messages already on this crap. No more, you should be ashamed of yourselves.

I visited several websites however the audio quality for audio songs current at this site is really excellent. Primeiramente a operadora daqui TIM disse que o aparelho nao estava desbloqueado. I originally purchased a laptop through the bestbuy website with a delivery date before Christmas. On Christmas Eve I received an email saying shipman has been delayed. No reason to follow. I waited all day to see if I would receive another email saying it has arrived at my local Bestbuy…it did not.

I just wanted to say thank you to Anthony and Cody who went out of their way to make my bad situation better for me. I did not leave with the intended laptop but with another one, which the husband seems to like more then the one he originally picked out.

As long as I have been a customer I have never been mislead on guarantee To install from geek squad To the store manager, and a supervisor promising me that they will delivery will be after 2: Since that was the earliest I could meet them.

I called the day before, again, promised they would be at the house after, 2: That the geek squad agreed to my time, calling to verify the schedule time after 2: Guarantee Me they will come after 2: The day came I got home at 2: They came at No wonder that corporations file chapter HHGregg we are coming. We purchased 3 Toshiba laptops at the same time for different family members. In less than 6 months the screen went out on one of them. Toshiba said that the warranty would not cover it.

He told me to talk to the Geek Squad. He did not walk me over there to explain the situation to the Geek Squad and did not follow up with me while I was over there. I called the customer service number to get the contact info for the district manager and they would not give it to me. We will never step foot in Best Buy again and we are telling everyone we know about our experience.

All I wanted to do was make sure your employee Justin Sur at your store in orange on Tustin ave. First of all you understaff your floor. But he excelled in helping 3 customers with time consuming requests. He was very sweet and so patient with me. He made me feel welcome and my stupid questions I was to embarrassed to ask at Apple stores I not only asked but understood the answere. I am retired now but worked at Nordstrom for over 10 years so I know customer service and you have a great young man working there.

Thank you please let him know he was so helpful and a great attitude. I hope u promote him. Sincerely Sally smith and Karen cox Member Called Best Buy because their coupon did not work and their customer service call was lousy.

She told me that mistakes happen and there is nothing they can do. I asked if she competes with Amazon and she got angry at me. Brought my new cannon camera but forgot my manual. I Bought it at best buy in Marlboro,ma. Mike, the P C Supervisor took care of the problem in about one minute. Thanks to Mike, you have a very happy customer. There were 3 in stock. I was told that they do not match the cloeout price.

I had no problem with that, but expected them to match the regular price I observed the previous day before the closeout sale. Dave said he had no way to prove that there was any in stock on Saturday.

I am a non-profit researcher into older worker advocacy and have two research assistants. I ordered three great laptops from Best Buy which were dispatched quickly and efficiently.

While they were on the way to be delivered, I received a call from Best Buy. They asked me if I was a business. The Best Buy rep said that I must be a business to order expensive laptops at once. I explained that there were 3 of us working on the project and that we were a non-profit freelance research project to help older workers. The Best Buy rep informed me that my laptops had been intercepted en route and that I would have to buy my laptops from the business side of Best Buy.

They then sent me an e-mail with a link to their business machines. They informed they would rather lose the sale. There is a reason Best Buy is not doing well, passing on large sales and poor customer service ensure your company goes under! I live in Belize and in Nov. Sent it back to Best Buy Store at great postal cost to me.

The geek squad checked it and concluded it was fine. Sent it back at my expense. I want HP or Best Buy to replace this computer at your expense. This is not acceptable service! I went in last night to buy a small laptop computer. The salesperson told me what I was looking at was junk and would probably break in 6 months.

I just wanted a small computer to do e-mail, facebook, pictures etc. My question is, if I was looking at junk why do you sell it in your stores. I left with nothing. I will not be back. I did not appreciate being pushed to spend more money than I had and then being told I could open up a best buy account. I had a bad experience in your store. Although that is not relevant in this email it should be noted.

We had great service from your team in Irvine. I was even convinced by your sales person to purchase the warranty! I never purchase warranties based off my experience of them being a hassle when you need them.

Your sales person explained that when purchasing the warranty that if anything is wrong with the phone within two years I could bring it to any best buy store and get a new phone exchanged with no questions asked! I thought that would be great so I agreed to purchase the two years in full! Unfortunately, the phone has stopped working! My wife and I took the phone in today to your location in Tracy, Ca as we have since moved. We went to the mobile department and the lady pulled our receipt and pointed us to the geek squad section.

We were told there that the phone would be sent out for repair and wevwould be issued back a refurbished phone. I asked to speak to a manger. The mobile manager came down and said No and frankly was disrespectful to my wife. I was told the Store Manager was not at the store as well as no assistant manager. I stayed on the phone for two hours with your customer service department with no solution except refund me a prorated portion of the warranty I purchased.

I only got a prorated portion because I used 13 months of the warranty? I tried to but was declined for a refurbished phone. I myself am a manager of a retail store. I was told NO by 5 people in your store! In my retail vocabulary NO is not something you tell customers. If he did know then I never would have purchase it! All I want is a phone that works.

In a world where online business is more convenient and more often then not cheaper. An email from you an a solution would keep me back but I doubt that will happen with the experience I had. Since a month ago I have ordered a product which has not been delivered till date despite of many calls to customer care. I am very disappointed in your finance department. I made a final payment after I got a late notice. If you look at my payment history I always paid more than my statement.

My credit score is something I protect with due diligence and you turned me into the credit bureau and have greatly effected my credit score. I have written to you and called you and did not receive any satisfaction. In these tough economic times your credit score is extremely important. And I will be going to the BBB.. I just bought a new laptop. It is not user friendly. It will not let me sent e-mails. I want my money back. Best buy says NO. This and other inoperable items, I felt, should have been checked and been up and running, such as installing drivers, etc.

At any rate, this manager, Bob, was very arrogant, rude, uncaring, and his very late, overdue offer to remediate was unethical at best. Bob was too interested in telling me all he knew, what he could sell me, how wrong I was, and if they were to remedy this I would have to wait for days with the laptop ultimately being rendered useless, as it was probably the mother board!

Black Friday is bad enough, now your taking away this! You doing it on Christmas? Which I know is possible because my friend price matched this a day before. I went to the cashier and was standing there with my sister and my nephew of 7 months. We waited there for 15 minutes and she called all the Game Stops and then called a manager over by the name Rob. I said okay thank you politely. As I left the girl said with attitude Have a good one and gave me a smirk.

I would of rather had her not say anything at all if its not polite especially with my nephew there. I am so upset with the customer service. I called to get a price match and was refused. I was told to buy one online today and return the one I have but mysteriously the iPad mini is sold out online today so it is not possible for me to do that. I have been a Best Buy customer for years and buy thousand of dollars worth of merchandise from you with my Best Buy card.

I feel that it is horrible customer service to not honor this sale with the gift card. I would appreciate hearing from someone in your customer service department!!! I have been doing Black Friday shopping for the past 14 years and out of 8 of those years it has been at a Best Buy and the past 2 years has been in White Marsh and as long as that store is open even if i move away i will still go to this store for my Black Friday shopping if i can help it. I was first in line as well as last year i got there on the 20th because i was getting a Xbox one for a Friend as soon as i walked in the door they remembered my Daughter and i from the pervious year wow what a welcoming from everyone from Derick the Manager Ashley in Appliances Amy behind the Customer service all the way down to John at the Door to name a few, it was like coming home and they were so excited to find out crazy us were camping out till Black Friday lol.

All i can say is customer service customer service customer service they went above with it for us to charging my cell phone for me reminding us when they were getting ready to close if we need to use the restroom go or if we needed to charge are phones do it these are just the little things.

Every morning they walked up to the door with a smile asking how are night was did we stay warm, what more as a customer could i ask for things like that is what has us coming back to that Best Buy. We did have a Glitch now and then from property Management telling me i could not have a tent out or my chairs till Thanksgiving but i refused to leave and the understanding i get Derick fought for me when he heard about it what a awesome Manager to step up and fight for just 2 customer in this busy time of year.

Please someone let this store know what a amazing Job they are doing. I wish there is some kind of award they deserve it. I used to Manage Smalls Formal Wear i understand pressure and retail but if i had a staff like this i would cherish them. I live in Jarrettsville Md there is a Best Buy 8. Their address is Osgood Drive. I had a very pleasant experience with the customer service department yesterday, December 4th, I called to explain an odd situation with some software I had purchased a few months ago that would not work.

I spoke with Corey on the phone prior to bringing in the item, and he was very kind on the phone and was willing to make an exception to return the item because I had had so much trouble with it. He made sure I was taken care of and that I had the best experience possible with the situation.

When I went to the store, Sarah, the cashier was very kind to me and was understanding of the situation and did everything she could to help me. It was nice to have such kind people to deal with the situation that seemed so willing to help in any way that they could. In November the operating system completely crashed without warning. We took it in and the manager told us he could service the computer. The next day he called to say that he would not repair the computer without us paying for labor and purchasing the recovery disks from Gateway.

We were told by the employees at Best Buy that the operating system they sold us has this problem often and even though we were sold a defective product there seems to be no concern or willingness to make this right. Why go to a store when there is no customer service when the product is faulty? I purchased a laptop on December 2, online. I picked the laptop up at our local Best Buy. It is now Dec. I made several attempts to call customer service only to be put on hold for twenty minutes and then be disconnected or told I had to enter a three digit transfer code, which makes no sense.

I am very frustrated with their customer service! I called to see if I can get a receipt sent to me and was switched to three different departments. It sounded like the girl who transferred me over was still on the line and that was why. I am so dissatisfied with your local store and your accounting dept. I have given up getting the random power crashing of my asus fixed and of ever dealing with you again. I can understand why your company may be going under if the quality of service I have received is representative of your business.

I had never had an issue with any Pioneer before. Well I only had the radio for 8 months and the face plate stop lighting up. After I got there and went to Geek Squad they looked at it and said they could send off to Pioneer but it would take a month or so before I could get it back. If it had been over a year when it broke I would have just not even worried about a replacement, but it was just 8 months and it stopped working.

So my question is hw long is the warranties on these items? I tried to have a remote start security system installed in my vehicle. They are unethical and no one responds. Michael was a big help when we bought our new computer. We really do not know a lot about computers and he was very patient with us and explained everything so we could understand what we were getting.

I had a very bad experience at the Telegraph Mich. I called for the manager and instead of him Gabe was his name apologizing he tried makeing excueses for her!

Employees of this caliber need special training and so does the Mgr,named Gabe. I am a very disappointed ex customer!. My Representative, Geoff, demonstrated all the different washers, let me make a decision, set up delivery, and made my life so much easier.

I was expecting a hard time but instead Geoff made my delivery happen. Please consider and give Geoff a raise. He is hard working, pleasant, knows his products, and a pleasure t to deal with. We have been very loyal customers. Your practice of automatically billing customers for virus software — year over year — is a way to cheat the customers. As I am retired I noticed the charge on my account. In calling it was for a computer I no longer had and the notification of my purchase was sent to an email that I no longer had for the last 5 years.

If I researched this I have probably been unfairly billed for years. Too bad — as a large corporation you have to resort to this business practice to increase your revenue stream. This is a consumer scam. I have spent over an hour in two different phone conversations to get a refund — the first one never being processed meanwhile — I have a charge on my credit card and a late fee.

I would like this matter looked into further and would appreciate a refund for the years — I never was aware I was being sent this software. I came in with cash in hand ready to buy. On my first visit I could not find a person in TV and when paged nobody showed up.

So I left and picked up my son from school. I came back second visit and finally got someone, I showed him where the TV was on the shelf, I found someone to pull it down and I measured the box and went out to my car. It looked close, but when I walked back into the store I could not get anyone to ring up the sale, NOBODY was available, blue shirted folks were all over the place but nobody would ring up the sale most were chatting to each other and a few were selling connector wires to a single customer.

That was impossible so we bought a small item for my son and I walked out. I called them to try to buy it over the phone and I was told that was not possible if I needed it delivered. The rep was going to transfer me to another person and I got disconnected. He told me to ask for Carl, and when I got there I did just that third visit. I asked why and he gave me some dumb ass answer that made no sense so when I asked to talk to Matthew, he gave me a run around, refusing to contact Matthew, so I left the store shortly there after.

So, in the car, I called them one last time 4th attempt to buy the TV and Nicole kept transferring me to dead lines and then refused to pick up calls at all. I made at least 4 attempts to buy this god damn TV from you in a single day. I made more calls to the store than that. I even called your number and yet no TV. What the hell is wrong with me that you refuse to sell me this TV? So, if I sound angry you now know why. I will tell everyone the truth, I was crapped on today and I know who did it — Best Buy.

I do not expect an answer to this letter. I now know that Best Buy does not care to fix these things. I will simply do what everyone else is doing, I will go to Amazon for my electronics. We were told it would be set up and functional upon delivery. The delivery service could not get it to connect to our Wi-Fi and told us to contact Best Buy and they would have someone walk us through the process. No one ever called back and I had to go to work, so I called the store we purchased the product from and asked to have someone help me set this up.

I was then instructed that this was not done by the store and given the Geek Squad number, which I called and was put on hold while they contacted the store. I refuse to pay for something that was promised to me upon delivery and then again when the person delivering it was unable to do it. This is a ridiculous run around and needless to say with other options available I will do my purchases elsewhere.

I purchase a lap top HP at west Hollywood store a year and a half. The laptop just give me problems: I went to the store several times. Trying to fix the laptop once a month there at the geek saquad …they are really great people Colin and Brione …. Best Buy said they would have installer bring it out. Installers find two large dents due to poor packaging. UPS scheduled to come back out, refuses to pick it up in same poor packaging. Very dicey on whether I will get my money back.

Second installer comes, finds something wrong with the circuit. Electrician finds something wrong with the circuit. Ask to cancel order and install. Told UPS must pick up both microwaves with same crazy timeframe. Delivery service did not even bring TV in from truck. Never received gift certificate and when I called later, said there was no proof. Supervisor named Chris would give me nothing, no last name, no ID number. Best Buy has permanently lost good customer — I used to buy all large appliances through them.

Also will lose customers because I will let everyone I know about the lying and poor customer service. I have had problems twice now with Best Buy, and I will not be back ever again. I cannot believe the level of rudeness and lack of respect your employees have for the customer. Your l5 day return policy is ridiculous. Target would in a minute. I intend to go further with this if I do not hear back immediately. I cannot tell you how disappointed I was when I visited your store in Murrieta, Calfornia.

Upon entering the store today at 5: I proceeded to your music dept. He called out to the gentleman that is standing at the entrance and I return to the music dept. After about 10 minutes and no one has come to assist me I return to the cashier thank him for his help but leave telling him I will order my purchase through Amazon. That usually starts from the management down. If you buy anything be careful about the protection plan.

They will only be happy when you are instating it. After that your only a bother. The only time I seen the employees care is when they thought I was making a purchase, other than that they were to busy goofing around. Keep your money, find a different store!

The only time I seen the employees care is when they thought I was making a purchase, other that they were to busy goofing around. I had a horrible experience today with Best Buy. I have been a customer with BestBuy for years and have always charged and paid on time. I have a great credit record, yet today the store would not accept my credit card. I was on line to 20 minutes trying to figure out why I could not use my card. The lady I talked with talked on and on about verifying my credit.

I answered all her questions. This went on and I was embarrassed trying to get my card to work. My name is Luis A. Generally is bad customer service, sales people generally do not know much about the product and are generally interested in everything else but helping their customers. With that said, convenience and availability are king and since I know what I need, I simply walk in to Best Buys, point at what I want and pay at the register and even that sometime is challenging task for Best Buy.

One time I purchased 5k worth of product using Best Buy for business in LA; worst mistake of my life, I waited for 7 hours at Best Buy to get the product from the warehouse. I missed my flight and my project was delayed. The Sale On I was told that they could install the cameras and that it would be a simple process and so against all my intuition I decided to purchase the cameras and paid for the installation.

The sales person also told me that if I opened a Best Buy credit card, I would also get a discount and so I did. The Installation Process The first time they came to my house they walked all over my house and spent 2 hours in my attic and told me that they could not install the cameras so I went back to Best Buy to get a refund; during my store visit I was told that they would make a second attempt. A week later another installer showed up and once again, the installer went to the addict and after 2 hours he came back down and told me that they could not install them.

Only this time he somehow managed to disconnect my cable. I called the installer and he just simply dismissed what I was telling him.

So I called my cable provider and had them come to my house and they confirmed that a cable had been unplugged in the attic.

I purchased the cables and rescheduled another installation. On the last trip to Best Buy I returned the cameras at customer service and was told that they would also refund the install fees back to my Best Buy card.

So I confirmed the following with the customer service agent: How does that happen???. The only reason I found out that I had a balance on the Best Buy credit card was because I checked my credit information on line and found out that I have a overdue balance….

But this is my last purchase at Best Buy. If any one cares about the people who are and have spent 10s of thousands of dollars in your business, call me back or call the store back and get this issue resolved. We currently purchased a HP TouchSmart The software and owners manual was not in the box.

Should we send it back or could you send the items to us? Never heard of such garbage. One of the clerks also told me that lots of Baxter people come to St. Cloud because of the service at the Baxter store. Now I see why.

Will never recommend the Baxter store to anyone. That policy will turn people off and maybe this will be the next Best Buy that closes! We have been in 2 Best Buy stores lately and the service is terrible. The employees are all talking together and not helping customers. We seen an add for a dishwasher and I was very excited about possible]y buying it. My husband just called and stopped in the store waited awhile to get waited on and nobody came to help him so he left.

Needless to say we will be looking somewhere else for the appliance and all the other appliances to buy in the future. Totally disappointed -no longer a customer. After a couple of months we realized that the inside drawers were cheaply made and that they continued to come off of their hinges whenever we used them.

We contacted best buy to see what our options were. We paid the additional money and scheduled a delivery. We asked that my Husband be there at time of delivery since he saw the floor model and knows better than me about getting everything hooked up appropriately.

We received a message confirmation that the refrigerator would be delivered between on Saturday, and my Husband made arrangements to be home at that time. The drivers arrived at 1: I told them that my Husband needed to be there and they began to get aggressive and honestly, I was not comfortable having these men in my home with 3 small girls. It made me wonder what type of background checks are done with this vendor. After asking them to come back they continued to sit in front of our house for 30 minutes, frightening my girls.

We called customer service that day and spoke with a very nice woman who apologized for our experience and said that a customer service representative would call us within a week. She told us that they were also very rude with her. She arranged for the refrigerator to be delivered the following week. When it arrived, there was extensive damage done to the door of the refrigerator, and the handle was completely bent in.

The drivers, who were not the initial drivers, asked if we even wanted to take it due to the recent additional damage. Purchase business cards on May 6 that was to be delivered in 14 days, by May 26 still not being delivered. I got in contact with them on chat.

First, we do not usually buy extended coverage but this time we did being that this was our first HD LCD. As it would happen we went the entire 4 years without a hitch. I contacted BB and talked with the Geek squad who directed me to call the Overland Park store where the original purchase was made.

I talked to a manager named Emily. I explained about the problem and the expired warranty. We did not get the TV on the day we bought it because we were having it installed by the Geeks. I told Emily that since we did not take receipt of the TV for almost a week after we bought that we felt that it when the warranty should have started.

Emily was so polite and courteous and told me she would look into the situation and see what could be done. True to her word she called me back and surprised and relieved me with extending my warranty that would allow the Geek squad to fix my TV under warranty. I felt like I won the lottery! The Geek squad was here today and these guys know their stuff! They treated us and our home put on shoe covers respectfully! Kurt and his partner analyzed the problem immediately and had me back in business!

Kurt also patiently explained to me how to access the internet through my Blue Ray player. I talked to several other folks during this ordeal and I wish I had gotten their names. But I want to commend you and your employees for this awesome customer service! Thanks You SO Much!

My oldest son, a Best Buy Platinum Plus customer, was dismayed at this news and set about to show me your superiority. We went to your Roosevelt Blvd. The associate then proceeded to say they actually all of the appliances were unavailable due to a wharehouse fire and the delivery date given was way out of line. We then inquired about a few other even pricier sets, same deal.

I taught my sons to be unfailingly polite BUT never accept No from someone without the authority to say Yes when in these circumstances. We asked for the manager, Jordan. My son explained the issue, told him he was quite frankly embarrassed at this point, having extolled the virtue of the place, that the purchase was my gift, that I was going back to the competitor with my business, and that he felt this was frankly unacceptable for anyone let alone a customer who spends thousands of dollars usually electronics regularly.

I know customer service levels have fallen to an appalling level but in this case your manager saved the day, thousands of dollars on this and future sales and impressed a new customer. He and the young man who rung the sale Joe are to be commended. I purchased an upgrade Iphone on the 25th of June and I have had difficulty with it.

On July 8th we went to the store to exchange it and were there for at least an hour while they checked it out and decided to exchange it for us but they did not have one that was the same as what I had. On July 9th we went to a Best Buy mobil store and we were told it had been past 15 days. It took so long to get to that point and it was late so I took the ladies word and did not check it myself.

They sent me to the Apple store across the way to get it taken care of under warranty. After I left and checked it, I realized it was not past the 15 days but the store was then closed.

Now tomorrow will be the 16th day. Best Buy has now messed me around once again. They somehow get out of coverage nearly every time. Since Citi has taken over your Best Buy Credit Cards I have had two instances in which I paid my payment early and also paid more than what was required.

Since my payments were early and were before the statement closing dates they were posted the month previous resulting in a late payment.

Citi chose to charge me a late fee even though payments were made early and more than required amount was paid. As a promise to Citi please see below online conversation between myself and Citi.

Other information may be required to help us verify your identity. My name is Kamron. How may I help you online today? I am really sorry to hear that. Citi advised me that because they adjusted a late fee once before they will not do it again.

No matter it is their fault because of posting dates. Please review and you will see that i actually pay my bill early. I have made payment today to bring account balance to 0. Let me check that for you. For security purposes only, please verify your full name listed on your account? I have always appreciated the service i have received with Best Buy. I have not heard from you. Do you still need assistance? John D Thompson Kamron: Thank you for confirming.

Please give me a minute orn two while I check this for you. As you made the payment before statement generation date the payment has been applied for the previous statement and your account has been charged with the late fee.

I paid early and paid 3 times more than what was due so your posistion is to punish me for this Kamron: I am really sorry for that. However if you make the payment before the statement date the payment will be automatically applied for the previous statement and your account will be automatically charge the late fee.

However we have not received any payment today on your account. Close the account as soon as the payment i made today is applied and account balance is brought to zero. I choose never to do busines with you again and intend on copying this converstation and posting on ever social media outlet i can find. I am very sorry that i am a good customer who pays early and pays more that the minimum amount due Kamron: I certainly understand you are concerned about the late fee.

How may I help you with this? So since the payment fell before the last statement closing date it gets applied to the previous month and you charge me a late fee. If this is the way you choose to do business I choose not to do business with you.

When the account balance reaches zero payment was submitted electronically today close this account Kamron: In this case Please call us at and they will help you with this. Monday — Friday 9 a. Why should I call you. Your company has cost me quite enough frustration already.

I want this account closed when the balance reaches a zero balance. I am trying to work and I do not have the patience to continue this conversation Kamron: I am really sorry for the inconvenience. Are you employed by Best Buy or by Citi? I completely understand your point of view, however as you have made the payment on the statement generation date the same will be considered as a payment for the previous month. So you punish customers with a late fee for paying early and paying extra because of internal dating issue within your company.

Do you work for Citi or for Best Buy Kamron: We work for Citi. Please note account to be closed immediately after account balance reaches zero. I Will also be glad to let Best Buy know how you treat their customers. This conversation will be posted on ever social media outlet I can find to post it on Kamron: I am really sorry due to security reasons we do not have the access to close the account through this channel and in this case Please call us at and they will help you with this.

We would like to talk to you about this as you are our valued customer. Please do call us on the above number or send us a secured message so that we can get in touch with you to resolve this issue at the earliest. I need your employee id and full name as well as your immediate supervisor and a mailing address and telephone number. My Id is KN I also need a mailing address and a phone number. Thanks much, JOhn Kamron: Makes it a little harder to file a greivence. Here is a contact number of our account specialists They are available Monday — Friday 9 a.

I apologize, but due to no response I will need to end the chat. Have a great day! Do you understand my frustration? How would you feel if you were me.? I understand if you cannot answer. I do not in any way want you to feel like I am purposely targeting you. I understand what your job must be like and I appreciate you as an individual. I hope you have a great day.

Thanks much, John PS. I waited a total of twelve hours for the delivery to take place. I did call at 4: I waited the full twelve hours and no delivery. As the associate tried to place me on hold again I explained that I had already wasted twelve hours and been put on hold at least four times on the same call I was on.

I asked that the order be cancelled and the charges to be removed from my card. The associated responded by cutting me off while trying to give my phone number as she had requested and telling me that we will call if that is possible. I can not imagine a poorer example of customer service or professional behavior. The store in Hickory N. Mistakes happen but the customer service is unacceptable. I was just in the Reston, VA store with my fitbit. I could not get the back off to see what type of battery to purchase.

I asked a few employees in a blue shirt, the guy at the door in yellow shirt and no one really wanted to give me time. SO I stood in line at customer service to see if I was buying the correct battery, the young woman there was at least helpful and told me what to go back to aisle and buy. Very discouraging that you cannot get help on a weekday morning, seemed to be plenty of employess but not helpful, only 1 register open fully, and a long line!!! Guess a reason for ordering on Amazon and forgetting about going to a store.

I bought a laptop from you on Computer had virus on it and I was not able to load the free anti virus software that came with it. Also tried to upgrade windows and it would not allow me to. The same day I tried to return it and your manager would not take it back.

The only thing he offered was an in house repair of I have bought all of my home appliances and computers from Best for decades. I will never do business with you again.

I stopped buy your store, located in Texarkana Texas. The service was out standing! I had a couple of your team-mates helping me out. Due to them being on top of things, I bought more things, than what I went in for. Following my return that evening to purchase another computer, leaving the one I bought: Brandon Smith, Nicholas Pope. A couple of years ago I purchased an IPad with Insurance and a couple of months ago I started having problems with it.

I took it back to the store in Mansfield where I bought it and was told there was nothing wrong with it, well I came home and had the same problem, I have gone back the third time and the tech did some things to it and now it is worse, I told him I had insurance and wanted it replaced, he said they did not replace them, needless to say that is exactly why I purchased the insurance, today I called him and told him it was worse and was turning off on me, he said for me to bring it in, I did and he said they would have to order one.

I told him that was bull and why could he not give me one out of the store, and he said he could not do that, now I have to make another trip which will make 5 to pick up the IPad. This has been the worst customer service I Have ever had at that store and I will not be purchasing anything else there.

Best Buy should be called Worst Buy rewards system stinks. I keep getting turned down in the website no matter what information I enter.

Go to HH Gregg instead. Anyone else detest the Geek Idiots Squad????? They are obnoxious, opinionated, very non helpful, and just downright BAD!!!!

Again, absolutely totally screwed up customer service!! I am one of the customers or so I was told by the customer service phone rep I was finally handed over to after four transfers who had money deducted from a gift card on the evening of Wed.

August 27, , with no order actually going through. The sales rep at the Morgantown, WV store attempted to clarify the situation for me. She was repeatedly transferred before finally being told that it could take up to two days for the money to show up on my card again. I called your customer support, such as it is, the next day and had that time frame confirmed.

More than 48 hours later, I again called customer support, to be told now that it would be at least Tuesday, due to the high volume of people whose gift cards were compromised. Because I had full coverage, this was going to allow me to purchase a new laptop. I find it interesting, though disheartening, that a company that sells and repairs high speed computers has such a shabby system itself.

Not once in this process has Best Buy ever contacted me. I have had to initiate the laborious process of talking to a human being every time.

When I asked your customer service rep if Best Buy was going to do anything compensatory, even expedited shipping, I was told no. Reading computer reviews online, hearing rumors of a new 8. After thee weeks of waiting for a repair or replacement computer—even before this gift card debacle—I ordered a Lenovo all-in-one with Windows 7 on Amazon.

It was here in two days. A friend who was looking to replace her dead laptop was with me the night of the gift card fiasco. She bought a new laptop and all the accessories yesterday at Staples. Multiply that by customers and tell me a little more attention to customer service might not have been a wise move. I will probably replace my laptop at Best Buy. I may even think about a protection plan. But I wonder, if your customer service does not drastically improve, will you even be in business to honor it three years down the road?

I ordered a Frigidaire 4. We went to the store to find out A if the refrigerator was frost free, and B to find out why my rewards certificates could not be applied on line. To make a long and very frustrating story short, the store said the item had already been processed for shipping and I could not apply rewards due to that fact, and I could not cancel my order either.

What a rip off. Trying to call the customer service number is a joke. I was on hold for 20 min. I am done with buying anything from Best Buy. There is no fair recourse with this company, it is a giant rip off and I will never use them again for any purchase what so ever. I recently had a very displeasing time trying to inform BestBuy of an area that was causing unneeded customer ill will and was seemingly transferred arbitrarily from one department to another.

My initial complaint was concerning the fact that the online store was not synced to the actual products in the store. You are supposed to be the very cutting edge of technology, yet items that you have listed in the online store are not always factual. This is an irritant that you must be able fix. I can go to the former Soviet Union and get cash in 20 seconds, surely you can keep your sites updated. Lola Du möchtest endlich deine Fantasien ausleben ohne hem?!

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The response and service I got was horrible. Groene Loper tussen Geusselt en Europaplein vanaf 13 juni in gebruik!

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I had a bad experience in your store.

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