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The Idiots (Idioterne)

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 · His second was "And a certain magical index 3 will be about a war between espers the roman church angels (ect) and Toma Index Mikasa and Accelerator all team up to fight and thats about as much as i know for now" which was even more nonsensical as something like that never happened in . 3 Idiots was the first aired Indian film in Hong Kong, where it grossed HK$22 million at the box office since its showing from 1 September through January , the equivalent of US$ million.

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 · Watch video · Two friends are searching for their long lost companion. They revisit their college days and recall the memories of their friend who inspired them to think differently, even as the rest of the world called them

Farhan Qureshi and Raju Rastogi want to re-unite with their fellow collegian, Rancho, after faking a stroke aboard an Air India plane, and excusing himself from his wife - trouser less - respectively. Enroute, they encounter another student, Chatur Ramalingam, now a successful businessman, who reminds them of a bet they had undertaken 10 years ago. The trio, while recollecting hilarious antics, including their run-ins with the Dean of Delhi's Imperial College of Engineering, Viru Sahastrabudhe, race to locate Rancho, at his last known address - little knowing the secret that was kept from them all this time.

Written by rAjOo gunwanti hotmail. It's hard for me to review this film, as I have not seen a huge number of Indian films--probably no more than a couple dozen. Most of the ones I've seen were wonderfully entertaining but I am far from an expert on Bollywood. Because of this, I have a hard time knowing how good this film is relative to other films from this country. So, consider this when you read this review. This may be among the very best India has to offer or it just seems that way to me.

Like so many Indian films, this is a very, very long film--with a run-time of almost three hours. When a movie is bad or just okay, this can seem like forever, but since "3 Idiots" is a very, very good film I loved its length. And, like most films of the genre, it has its share of the usual singing and dancing so foreign to films from other countries.

One thing you should know, however, is that defining the type of film it is isn't really easy. Much of it is a comedy, but it also has many poignant moments keep the Kleenex nearby , some existential moments where they explore the meaning of life and work and it's also a tender film about friendship.

And, as my daughter pointed out when she saw the film, she loved that the men in the movie are not afraid to cry--something you rarely see in western films. As for the plot, it's very long and involved and I could recount what occurs.

But I don't want to spoil a single wonderful moment, so my advice is just sit back and watch--and if you give it a chance, I can almost guarantee you'll have a great time with this poignant and funny film.

Wonderful and well worth your time--with a delightful script, wonderful characters and lots of moments that made me smile Check out the Indian movies with the highest ratings from IMDb users, as well as the movies that are trending in real time. Start your free trial. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! DeMille Award 13 hours ago Rolling Stone. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends.

Full Cast and Crew. On Disc at Amazon. Two friends are searching for their long lost companion. They revisit their college days and recall the memories of their friend who inspired them to think differently, even as the rest of the world called them "idiots". Most Anticipated Indian Movies and Shows. Real-time popularity on IMDb. Unusual for an Indian film at the time, 3 Idiots became a success in East Asian markets.

But it is a vital, inspiring and life-revising work of contemporary art with some heart imbued into every part. In a country where students are driven to suicide by their impossible curriculum, 3 Idiots provides hope.

Maybe cinema can't save lives. But cinema, sure as hell, can make you feel life is worth living. The director takes the definition of entertainment into directions of social comment". The second half of the film does falter in parts, specially the child birth sequence, but it doesn't take long for the film to jump back on track.

Do yourself and your family a favour: It's emotional, it's entertaining, it's enlightening. The film has tremendous youth appeal and feel-good factor to work in a big way. Sonia Chopra of Sify gave the film 3 stars and said "Though a bit too calculated and designed, 3 Idiots is still an ok option for the significant message, interesting cast and scattered breezy moments.

It was a satisfying meal, don't get me wrong, but not the best meal I'd been expecting. The emotional truth that shone through both the 'Munnabhai' movies doesn't come through strongly enough.

On his debut, he hit a hundred. With his second, he hit a triple century. Even Sachin has an off day, and we still have great hope. The film has received praise overseas. A typical Bollywood confection but also social commentary on a dysfunctional engineering school system that pressures huge numbers of students into suicide.

The film was praised by critics in East Asia and Southeast Asia. South China Morning Post wrote that the film "wraps a heavy message in light comedy. It is satire at its best, a powerful indictment of India's education system in which students cram for exams while stifling their dreams. In , renowned Hollywood filmmaker Steven Spielberg praised 3 Idiots , which he had seen three times and said he "loved the emotional undertones.

In addition, 3 Idiots won the Grand Prize at the 4th Videoyasan Awards, [18] [19] held by a Japanese organisation of home video retailers in ; [15] 3 Idiots was selected as 's best video release, beating thousands of films, anime and television shows, [19] including domestic Japanese and foreign Hollywood productions. Prior to the release of the film director Rajkumar Hirani commented on the relationship between Five Point Someone by Chetan Bhagat and 3 Idiots stating:.

A controversy developed a few days after the release, however, over the fact that Chetan's credit, "Based on the novel Five Point Someone by Chetan Bhagat" appeared in the closing credits rather than in the opening ones. They had bought the rights, made the payment and committed to a credit in the contract. It's there, but it's not about it being there, it's about the placement and the prominence.

He also argued that he was misled by the makers of the film, though he noted, that "this has nothing to do with Mr Aamir Khan […] I am a big fan of Aamir and he has made my story reach people. However, he was told by the makers not to read the book, and he hasn't. Thus, he cannot comment on the issue in a meaningful manner. A few people responded to Chetan's statements. According to the Indo-Asian News Service IANS , during a press conference with reporters producer Vidhu Vinod Chopra "clarified that in the agreement between the producer and Bhagat, it was clearly mentioned that the author's name would be put in the closing credits.

I was provoked, but I shouldn't have done this. I saw myself on TV and saw how I was shouting 'shut up, shut up' like an animal. We drew a contract with him and it clearly mentions about the position of his credit. With open eyes he had seen the contract, consulted his lawyer and signed the agreement […] In the contract, we have said that the title would be given in the rolling credits.

We haven't changed the font size. We haven't increased the speed of the title. It's exactly there where it was agreed to be. I may have some issues on the mistake they may have made but nothing about their personality or the kind of people they are. I apologise to their families if there was any distress caused to them. I also want to thank all my fans, who stood by me but I don't want them to turn against anyone especially Aamir.

Latika Gupta in an article published in the weekly journal Economic and Political Weekly mentions that the film has serious problems when seen from the gender perspective, in particular that it follows the trend set by the film Jab We Met in their use of women's sexual vulnerability to create sensation and humor.

In a scene of the movie, students, professors and the chief guest are seen bursting with laughter hearing a speech where the word balatkar rape figures 21 times and the word stan breast four times in the English subtitles for international release, the words "screwed" and "bosom" are used instead. This film was remade into Tamil entitled Nanban , in January Its dubbed version in Telugu , Snehithudu , released on 26 January in Andhra Pradesh to positive reviews.

A Mexican film remake named 3 Idiotas was released in When 3 Idiots released in China, the country was only the 15th largest film market, partly due to China's widespread pirate DVD distribution at the time. However, it was the pirate market that introduced 3 Idiots to most Chinese audiences, becoming a cult hit in the country. Aamir Khan gained a large growing Chinese fanbase as a result. By , China grew to become the world's second largest film market after the United States , paving the way for Aamir Khan's Chinese box office success, with Dhoom 3 , PK , Dangal [] and Secret Superstar One reason for its success in East Asian markets such as China and Hong Kong is because of their similar education systems, thus many students were able to identify with the characters.

In Korea, students of all ages - from young elementary children to university graduate students - are trained to study under overwhelming pressure and extremely high academic standards. In short, this movie is, really, our own story. The film had a social impact on attitudes to education in Asia , including education in India [17] as well as other Asian countries. Big in Bollywood is a documentary film about American actor Omi Vaidya 's journey from a struggling Hollywood actor to a successful Bollywood breakthrough with 3 Idiots.

When asked about plans of a 3 Idiots sequel in an interview with Hindustan Times , screenwriter Abhijat Joshi replied, saying, "Honestly, I don't know. So, I think the 3 Idiots sequel may happen in the future, but these two I really want to work on. In January , director Rajkumar Hirani and actor Aamir Khan confirmed that they were considering a 3 Idiots sequel.

Khan told reporters, ""Raju Hirani has given me a hint about ' 3 Idiots ' sequel and I am giving you all a hint. The film will happen if and whenever he will write the script. Work on 3 Idiots will begin only after Hirani is done with Munna Bhai 3. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. List of accolades received by 3 Idiots. Bollywood portal Film portal s portal. British Board of Film Classification. Retrieved 5 October The subtitle duration 6,, is entirely consistent with the movie duration 6,, That's great in a spelling perspective.

Le Jour Des Idiots "Story of a mentally unstable woman who goes into an institution. Directed by Werner Schroeter. This movie was released in United States on Saturday, October 31, The movie original name is tag der idioten.

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