So Why The Confusion?

CPI vs DPI What Is The Basic Difference!

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The producer price index is often used to calculate real growth by adjusting inflated revenue sources, and the consumer price index is often applied to calculate changes in the cost of living by.  · CPI stands for Consumer Price Index, and PPI stands for Producer Price Index. Though CPI and PPI are economic indicators, they are different. CPI can be called an indicator by which the government calculates the general level of inflation. On the 4/5(4).

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Read on and you will. First off, what is a pixel? It seems rudimentary, but for many the confusion begins here. These are also the smallest addressable unit of a digital image. But this fact is not directly relevant to designers. If you see this, ignore it! It is an annoying misuse of terms and probably an attempt to overcharge you. BruceTurner via flickr ; iPad 4: Hence, the number of pixels per inch PPI on your screen is a fixed quantity — not something you can adjust by typing in a new number somewhere.

Most LCD monitors are in the neighborhood of 67 — ppi. A 72ppi image and a 3,ppi image will appear exactly the same on screen. In the printing process, all the physical pixels that composed the image on screen are translated into little squares of different hues on paper. What does this mean? And how do you increase or decrease print-out size in this way? Suppose you have a x pixel image. If you set the PPI to 10, this is going to make the print out relatively large: If you set the PPI to , this is going to make the print out relatively small: Think of the PPI input as a way to adjust the physical size — not the resolution — of the eventual print-out.

Decreasing the PPI, thus increasing the size of the printout, may seem to produce a lower quality image because the pixels are larger and more visible. But remember, this is only a relative gauge of quality; if you were to stand further away, the image would appear as clear as it did before.

So the way to increase the resolution of an image is to produce an image with more pixels, not increase the PPI. Friction NYC via flickr. Looking at this billboard close up, the pixelation is obvious so are dots, which we will discuss in a minute. But at the distance from which most passersby will see it, it will look crystal clear. When you are looking for an amazing gaming mouse, you would come across some of the technical terms like CPI, DPI etc.

And it is the most common topic you have to know about the modern mouse to enjoy the best experience on your work. What are the additional features? How does it work and so many more things? But it also makes an impact on the practical user experience. Here we would guide you through the complete knowledge about this topic. Generally, CPI Counts Per Inch actually indicates the number of steps the mouse will report with the movement of one inch.

So simply it introduces you to the sensitivity of the mouse. Meanwhile, the technical term sensitivity refers to how much your mouse covers your display with the physical movement of it. Statistically, a mouse with a CPI settings of , allows you to move your pointer pixels on the screen with a single inch physical movement of your mouse. DPI Dot Per Inch actually refers to the printing dot density as it is related to the printer attached to your PC or the video dot density on your screen.

So it determines the number of every single Dot which is placed in a single line within the length of one inch. Basically, it is used to explain the resolution per number of dots per inch of a digital print.

So DPI is not directly related to the sensitivity of a mouse, rather it indicates the printing resolution or the dot gain in the output of a hard copy print. So the DPI coined with your mouse does not have its relevancy, this term actually comes from the printing world. We already understood the basic concepts and what they actually mean; now we have to find what is the confusion?

Technically the correct word related to the mouse which is defined as the sensitivity factor of the mouse is CPI. If you ever use a gaming mouse or if you go to buy a new one, surely you may see the DPI switch attached to the mouse.

CPI vs DPI: Have a glance at everything you need to Know

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