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That's why Questrade is proud to help you do more with your money by offering some Canadian Owned · Convenient & Secure · Buy & Sell Stock Today · Buy ETFs For Free. Today’s review is about a company named Day Trading Power. A stocks day trading room run by Chris Grosvenor out of Canada. This room originally came onto my radar in the summer of What caught my eye and really piqued my interest was the list of trades taken by the moderator. The list was long and thorough and looked great, but probably too good to be true. Rows of winners and very few /5.

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Today’s review is about a company named Day Trading Power. A stocks day trading room run by Chris Grosvenor out of Canada. This room originally came onto my radar in the summer of What caught my eye and really piqued my interest was the list of trades taken by the moderator. The list was long and thorough and looked great, but probably too good to be true. Rows of winners and very few /5.

Does that work for you? It works for me. You had a lot to say about the Clique Fund run by your nemisis Cammy Fous. Somebody posted a video with legitimate criticism from their experience and he threatened a lawsuit?

Willie, I disagree with the deal Emmett made with Mojo, but Emmett said he made the deal and he is living up to his word. My 1st request would be for Emmett to release all the trading rooms he made a similar deal with. And my second request is for Emmett not to make such a deal in the future.

If they are running a con they get no immunity. We are made to believe that this is not a problem? I would agree about keeping up with the transparency showing which trading sites tradingschools. The reputation would be superior to other popular trading forums.

I noticed a more cookie tracking links today. He can write whatever he pleases and make any deal he likes. It is his website I understand that. I just dont get why he would go easy on MOJO Mike when so many in the community have had bad experiences? Why would he choose to make a deal with him of all people?

I cant imagine you could get in any legal trouble for posting an honest review of your experience with a company but im not a lawyer. The bigger issue is that of journalistic integrity. If I make a deal with a vendor, I have to stick by it. Else I would of drafted of positive review. The deal was straight forward, I gave him final input of my review.

It was a terrible review. He got final input and we could not agree on the review. However, does it really take much effort to figure this guy out? I have a great idea! Lets start a forum thread on this blog dedicated to Mojo. This way people can write about their experiences and how upset they are.

Actually this is a big issue as hotels and every business will put in some disclaimer stopping people from posting a negative review. Personally except for a few exceptions, I think you a contract cannot overwrite ones 1st Amendment.

In fact I know in Real Estate in a Lease you cannot enforce some clause that goes against the law. I will have to check but I thought there was a law they were trying to pass on this matter, otherwise I guess it will be up to the Supreme court to decide.

He must be micro scalping for 1 tick. Go for small little gains with hugh stop losses and you will have a high win rate. Tells you nothing about profitability. In fact when I see a super high win rate I think super high commission costs. Did you find this review helpful? Glad Erjan decided to repost that. He is really onto something if only somebody would dig deeper.

Why dont you review MOJO then? You know he is full of shit and hurting people. Any trader knows how realistic this is. I think Emmett made a mistake giving the Mojo guy too much leverage in order to get access to the room.

A lot of these scammy vendors have clamped up like a stinky uboats on red alert and trying to lay low. They are on to tradingschools and paranoid their scam will be busted. That , said your posted videos of Irjan reviewing Mojo are appreciated. I think most visitors can see those links while reading this thread. Initially Emmet wanted to post a negative review, but mojo opposed it and decided to not post anything!

If I only got paid for the negative reviews, I would be rich! Seriously, I have been pretty clear on Mojo Mike. We had a deal and I kept my word, no monies involved. With that being said, MojoMike is a ridiculously easy trading room to figure out whether its real or not. Truth be told, MojoMike is a ridiculously entertaining person.

The golf course incident, the wacky videos, the constant fighting with just about everyone, he is like the Jerry Springer of trading rooms. Its all scripted zaniness. Does anyone really believe any of his antics? Wake up people, its a daily talk show masquerading as a day trading room. The worst of these scammers result to thug and fear tactics. I remember David Kuvelas of oiltradingacademy.

Yes, Mojo Trading is not only a scam.. I also suspect the traders he keeps talking about who he claims made money are fictitious. Has anyone here purchased the course Daytrading Course: What if he decides to retire, or, God forbid, gets hit by a truck? What are his subscribers going to do?

Huge red flag for me. Hopefully the majority of his chat users are just sheep looking for easy money which is what most rooms are filled with , for my sake. I already know a good amount about trading and know my way around active software. Every detail would be much appreciated. I took it last year when he offered it for free. His strategy is basically making trades a day to make a profit. There are better and less stressful ways to trade. Thanks for the info! In my case, I love active trading.

If you could do me a favor and check these bullet points http: I never took his course though. Any recommendations for good courses out there? Jake… i would highly recommend taking a look at the SamuraiTrader course… look up SamuraiTrader on youtube… if you find it interesting… shoot me an e-mail and I can give you some details! Good Luck and Happy Trading! I gave it a trial. Way too little to be worth it trying to trade like that the whole day without counting commissions and going for such small scalps often like Warrior.

So the only way to make money is if you are the host trading and also getting monthly subs. Hi Joe Smoe,I have a question concerning account size.

Most of the stuff they trade is pretty liquid. They will typically rather buy Fibonacci pullbacks on any pumps.

Not enough power to initiate a pump really. I am actually a member in the room. Chris is a very skilled scalp trader. The results posted on his website are very close to actual trades he calls out in the room. Why does he not post actual brokerage statements? Even if you have a small account, Chris wants to help you find a way to leverage as much as possible.

I would assume Chris uses stop limit orders vs. And given that his orders show up in exchange ques before subscribers, slippage is likely less of a problem for him. Then, as a subscriber, you have to decide if it is still worthwhile to get in.

I would assume Chris being a top trader is no better than 3 pennies per share maybe 4 max. It sounds great in theory because Chris is very accurate and drawdowns are minimal. However, the only person that is, for lack of better word, guaranteed to make money is Chris and George. Because they are first in line for every trade at the actual brokerages, where their limit or stop order get there before yours. Also, the fact that they are not showing their brokerage statements means they can cheat and sell a little on the initial move that would be created by volume from subscribers.

So what will happen when everyone increases their size to 1, shares? Chris is hoping that is what we will believe, but there are some smart fish in the room. But anything that trades less than even K share?

What will ultimately happen, you can already see happening in the room. As one example, it is people cheating on limit orders. Chris is missing more profit exit targets lately. In my opinion, that is partly because some subscribers are placing their profit target just a penny below the room target to ensure they are hit. See where this is going?

But what they should know, is that we know, it may not work. Given that this whole site is about honest services, imo, they will eventually realize they should encourage subscribers to go full size on large caps, but only small size on small to mid caps. Because even capping the room at subscribers will not solve the problem when large share size.

Joe, how liquid are the stocks you guys are scalping? Are they triggering long and short on momentum or TA? I guess its up to the trading strategy and risk management, I hope they are not penny pump and dumps on those shares. Does anyone here believe that someone claiming that they can profit consistently week after week month after month with no fails would bother opening a chat room?

Also when they post results, why not just post actual trade logs from their trading platform? Why the spreadsheets that can may be fabricated? At least I was not able to get ones from Day Trading Power. With tested and proved strategies people would inevitably suffer drawdown at unknown time, not to mention mediocre or even lousy traders.

Extra bucks from wanna be dreamers surely can make up this income gap, hence the chat room, education, mentoring, etc. An the probability of fishes getting hooked is way higher than winning trades.

My point is that trading can be profitable at times. However, the uncertainty will be here to stay until you figure out a way to squeeze money out of day dreamers…. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Do Not Send Email Notifications. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Summary A surprising good stocks day trading room.

Comments Rating 1 2 reviews. Honest and verified results posted daily on website. Very consistent daily income. Stock day trading and scalping for small accounts. Was able to copy the trades of moderator with a high degree of accuracy. This style requires either a US based prop trading firm, or a foreign prop trading firm.

US based requires a series 7 license. Outside US can skirt the regulators, but you are risking your money outside the US. Ali November 10, Vytautas July 26, Joe February 1, Willie February 22, Most indicators that you see in the day trading world are indicators that have been used for more than 10 years. What day trading companies do is change the colors and then give them a unique name to correlate with their way of doing things and voilah!

You have proprietary indicators! One of the most important things that I teach my day traders is being able to read the market and understand how the market works. When we really understand how the market moves, and most importantly, why the market moves the way it does, indicators become secondary and the market becomes the primary thing we pay attention to. Its the market that we are trading after all, not indicators.

I have been trading for close to 10 years and I find that live trading rooms are one of the most overdone things that anyone can talk about. Everyone makes it sounds like the live trading room is what you are missing to find success. Looking in the mirror and deciding what we want to do is one of the hardest things we can do with our lives, in day trading its the only thing that we have to do to be successful. The truth behind day trading strategies is that most strategies on the market are variations of other strategies.

There are two different ways to day trade, with the trend or against the trend. No one has come up with a unique way to trade the market in a very long time and most day trading strategies on the market are just renamed, rehashed, and repackaged in a better sales pitch.

Understand that you can develop your own strategy but it will take much longer than buying one that is already proven. The fact that the majority of automated trading systems use indicators that can be found on the internet for free compounds the problem that companies are essentially putting extra frosting on the muffins to make them look attractive when you can eat muffins without any frosting for free.

Under no circumstance should you buy any automatic plotting indicators or software. I provide plenty of free information to day traders that sign up for my free email newsletter. I share information about my personal day trading strategy that I day trade my own account with and also provide updates on what it takes to be a day trader.

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You must become an expert on the equity or instrument you are trading. He is not masquerading.

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Jake January 9, I share information about my personal day trading strategy that I day trade my own account with and also provide updates on what it takes to be a day trader.

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