Rise of the individual.

The megatrends impacting governments into as they relate to changes in individuals, the global economy and physical environment. Globale Reps is a manufacturer's rep agency serving the electrical & mechanical industries in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana & Alaska. We can help you find a solution to your project challenges & .

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Higher life expectancy and falling birth rates are increasing the proportion of elderly people across the world, challenging the solvency of social welfare systems, including pensions and healthcare.

Some regions are also facing the challenge of integrating large youth populations into saturated labor markets. Advances in global education, health and technology have helped empower individuals like never before, leading to increased demands for transparency and participation in government and public decision- making.

These changes will continue, and are ushering in a new era in human history in which, by , more people will be middle class than poor. Information and communications technology ICT has transformed society over the last 30 years. The interconnected global economy will see a continued increase in the levels of international trade and capital flows, but unless international conventions can be strengthened, progress and optimum economic benefits may not be realized.

Public debt is expected to operate as a significant constraint on fiscal and policy options through to and beyond. Emerging economies are lifting millions out of poverty while also exerting more influence in the global economy. With a rebalancing of global power, both international institutions and national governments will need a greater focus on maintaining their transparency and inclusiveness.

Rising greenhouse gas emissions GHGs are causing climate change and driving a complex mix of unpredictable changes to the environment while further taxing the resilience of natural and built systems. Achieving the right combination of adaptation and mitigation policies will be difficult for most governments. The combined pressures of population growth, economic growth and climate change will place increased stress on essential natural resources including water, food, arable land and energy.

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AmeriMex is large enough to supply all engineering, service, electrical motor and control needs, but small enough to listen and respond to our customers' needs for motors and controls. ENERGY specializes in keeping existing equipment operating smoothly by offering a complete line of parts and services dedicated to keeping equipment running like new, at affordable prices.

Services include strip, crimp and assembly of multiple connection schemes. Outstanding Support Expert support without fees or tiers. Using Remote Operator you monitor automation processes, press keys and touch HMI objects, change parameter values, view alarms and process value trends.

You can define and access multiple controllers from a single mobile device. Watch online video and tutorials! Interchangeable with other leading Domestic and European manufacturers. Position and Motion sensors Counting and Process technology, Transmission technology. The harsh environment of mobile automation, wind power plants and maritime applications places particularly high demands on sensors.

Sensors must withstand shocks, vibrations and temperature fluctuations, and be robust and reliable.

Curriculum globALE aims to

These changes will continue, and are ushering in a new era in human history in which, by , more people will be middle class than poor.

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