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The Soviet Union was making noisy gestures, not war preparations. On a separate track from the two estimates, the director of central intelligence, William Casey, sent a more alarming message to Reagan in June about the war scare events. The war scare marked a turning point for Reagan. He acknowledged that Soviet leaders may have harbored true fears of attack.

He wrote in his diary on Nov. What the h—l have they got that anyone would want. Many people at the top of the Soviet hierarchy were genuinely afraid of America and Americans. In fact, I had difficulty accepting my own conclusion at first.

But the more experience I had with the Soviet leaders and other heads of state who knew them, the more I began to realize that many Soviet officials feared us not only as adversaries but as potential aggressors who might hurl nuclear weapons at them in a first strike; because of this, and perhaps because of a sense of insecurity and paranoia with roots reaching back to the invasions of Russia by Napoleon and Hitler, they had aimed a huge arsenal of nuclear weapons at us.

Andropov är ju f. En annan prominent figur i den amerikanska rapporten är KGB-chefen Vladimir Krjutjkov, den verkliga förgrundsfiguren i augustiputschen , men som frigavs redan Andropovs och Krjutjkovs narrativ har nu helt övertagits av Putin och hans kumpaner. Putins Valdai-tal är i det avseendet lika förfärligt som det är absurt.

It is a document of something under pages as I recall, and it is not yet publicly available. It contained about 10 categories of indicator events, and a total of many hundreds of individual indicators. I wonder if they are executing RYaN 2. The Baltic Fleet is out and running amphibious assault-exercises. New call-signs are established and a further long list of indications displaying high activity. Ok, it is October, but anyway.

Given the fact that the steering wheel in Kreml is made up of Andropovs KGB-structure from Leningrad, one legit Q is what he instilled in them. He might only lasted a short time as generalsecretary, but he was the KGB-boss for nearly two decades and survived. Here we foresaw a possible cooperation with NATO. And as Johan Victorin puts it: Really it seems like it!

You also have to include the very important adjustment of the treat perception and military doctrine that took place driven by Nicolay Ogarkov from onwards under the impression of emerging FOFA capabilities. Ogarkov considered that he could only depend on the a first operational echelon consisting of the three Soviet Group of Forces and the two armies of the NVA. Everything depended on a very early in a crisis launch of a standing forces invasion with two fronts preceeded by OMGs before the completion of NATO mobilisation, forward deployment, arrival of reinforcements and consolidation of the now improving anti-mobility defences.

I know from interviews with ex-Soviet fighter pilots then operating from bases along the Baltic Coast that they would operate over Sweden from the start of any war to meet cruise missiles from the Norwegian Sea. Just a short remark with regard to time and dates. This has been verified. This was a common procedure for handling highly classified secret tasks. The crew in general did not know anything about the real task — When the guidance of the submarine was taken over by GRU Marine Intelligence Unit at the sending of the codeword the Order the ordinary Command of the Baltic Marine thought U still was lying in the area originally assigned to it.

It was not ever the intention that it should know the real task of U When we reconstructed the different plans for the invasion of Denmark, it became clear that the landings on the Zealand Group of Islands had been an all-Polish-NVA affair. We had expected that both some Soviet airborne units and the naval infantry brigade from Sovietsk outside Kaliningrad would be used, but that was not the case. With the naval infantry brigade available for other operations in the Baltic Sea, and the Soviet tendency to employ all front-line quality for the initial offensive, I consider it likely that the naval infantry would be employed against one of three objectives: Gotland, the coast south of Stockholm or the Aland Islands.

If I were a Soviet planner, I would have chosen the second option because a bridge-head there would destabilise Swedish defence elsewhere as the counteroffensive capability of the Swedish Army was very weak. And I would land immediately at the same time as operations started further south.

An early landing in Central Sweden would also totally unbalance the planned northwards concentration of Norwegian forces and thus undermine the planned NATO defence of the Scandinavian Peninsula. The confirmation, however, is hidden in the General Staff archives, because the operation would have been an all-Soviet affair.

No Polish og NVA involvement. Datorerna betjänades av underrättelseofficerare och datatekniker. Pizza är lätt att beställa och kan ätas varm eller kall. Självklart kände man till när det var budgettider och Superbowl.

Vid förberedelserna för utplacering av atomminor i svenska vatten grundstötte U On Tuesday I sent the query y that you will find below to the compilers of the several National Security Archives document sets about the Able Archer episode. You will find the links to all of those in messages that I distributed previously. You will find the replies below. They came in three segments, and they all appear to be excerpted from those earlier posted document sets.

The query also went to another individual who knows more about available documentation in Soviet archives than anyone else alive, and if he should reply differently, it might modify or overturn the information below, but so far he has not commented. The most dramatic speech, however, was given by Yuri Andropov, [then] Chairman of the KGB … The new American administration, he declared, was actively preparing for nuclear war. In production environments designed according to the principles of Industry 4.

Standard and customised switchgear for machinery and process plants. Tried and tested electromechanical and non-contact technologies for classical applications in industrial automation and process control — always with a view to the latest global requirements.

Total reliability, even in adverse environments such as damp, cold and corrosive media. Some applications demand switching devices which are true specialists: The user interfaces in this series are so energy-efficient that they can be powered using conventional batteries.

At the same time, they achieve very high safety and availability levels. For more than fifty years we have been developing and manufacturing high-quality switchgear, sensors and control units for industrial automation, medical equipment and building automation. Our focus is on four business fields, all of which have their own particular demands: Wireless, Automation, Extreme, Meditec. With effect from KG now has a new company name: This marks our advancement from a manufacturer of switchgear to a provider of sensor networks and At the Medica, steute Meditec will be launching a new series of wireless foot controls for universal use in medical equipment.

The user interfaces in this series are so energy-efficient that they can be powered using conventional At the LogiMAT , the steute business unit "Wireless" will be presenting for the first time an automated systems solutions for the optimisation of material replenishment processes. This new development digitalises, integrates Heat, cold, damp, vibrations, corrosion: For harsh environments such as these we have developed a range of switchgear able to withstand extreme conditions, even in the long term.

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