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Marathon Petroleum Corp. and Andeavor announce expiration of HSR Act waiting period

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Glacier Oil & Gas is a privately-held, independent oil & gas company solely focused on the exploration and production of oil and gas resources in the State of Alaska. Citation established a presence in Oklahoma in with its purchase of the Healdton II Unit, located west of Ardmore. From to , we expanded our asset base in southern Oklahoma with numerous acquisitions of mature, shallow oil properties from Mobil, Shell, Arco, Tenneco and Unocal.

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And, on a final note, we need an amendment to the U. Retail is already down. People are going to Sams and Wal Mart to fill up. Meat is pricy; gotto watch the sales every week. I just got done rummaging thru the clearance table at my grocery store Kroger. Most people will not take the time or too embarassed to even go over there.

I find great bargains. They mark down perfectly good household and grocery items, to make room for new merchandise. You and Mona got me thru a rough patch when I got laid off. I had Mona on the brain. I have been thinking about her husband and his heart condition lately and I am so tired!!!

Yep—told dh to fill those cans at chinamart- I just saw that gas at chinamart is 3. Most other stations are 3. Market Basket here in New England finally had to up the price of their loss leading rotisserie cooked chicken. Talk about the price of meat! Discovered them when I used to go to Kittery Maine. All kinds of great places all up and down the coast. Do you jump into the water and freeze to death, or do you get into a life boat before the chaos begins?

Prepare and spread the word, the world as we know it is going down. Everyone else had to be either lucky, clever, or strong. I was using the quote as a metaphor.

I believe we are all capable of creating our own life boat, rich or poor. If we go down with the ship metaphorically, it will be because we ignored the signs that are all around us. You do not have to be lucky, clever, or strong, just aware and prepared to jump into your own life boat before it is taken from you.

My life boat has quite a bit of extra room in it. There were not enough lifeboats onboard in the first place. The crew was poorly trained and by the time they got around to trying to deploy them the ships list was so bad many lifeboats crashed into the ship. Many were launched almost empty or dropped. A cluster f-ck all around. Most of the foreign crewed liners running around today would suffer a similiar fate.

And a strange coincidence that JP Morgan cancelled at the last minute and all the bankers opposed to the Federal Reserve Act on board drowned. In particular the trio of ships Olympic, Titanic and Brittanic were big money losers. Titanic sank on her maiden voyage. Brittanic never operated commercially because she was completed only after the Great War had broken out—then she was sunk while serving as a hospital ship in the Mediterranean. Olympic had a more normal operating career, but between the war years, the postwar slump in Europe, and then the Depression a decade later, there was never enough of the sort of luxury passenger traffic to pay off the investment in building her.

Why is it that the sinking of the titanic is celebrated, and then not a peep about the louisitanis? Then the government and media lied and then it was off to ww1. And the guys in charge continue to arrange the deck chairs….. Wasnt it just a banker and a wall street guy that squirmed their way on to the life boats at least in the movie and all the peasants went down with the ship into the water?

A hidden message in the movie perhaps? Bankers and wall street types are scum perhaps? Look at their rail system. Think we filled her up twice. Daisy the answer to your question is one you should be aware of each morning when you awake. A wake-up call for many just getting the big picture. Energy prices dictate everything. All of the wise are getting their house in order, in order to handle the burst in price increases for everything. The slack will lack! The prepared will prevail.

Having said that, Cheer up! Things are going get worse! The oil companies are out there drilling and capping like crazy. Also… please be aware that the price of oil and all other commodities are being set on the futures markets… not based on actual supply and demand at all. What is the mechanism for that? Let us in on that little secret, and we could make oil in factories! The mechanism is the biological processes of microbes. Attempts are already under way to do this and some progress has been made by a number of start ups; including one financed by Exxon.

It deserves repeating that this is a purely manufactured energy crisis, and not the result of forces beyond our control. The oil is there, as is the natural gas and coal. Our government is dominated by leftists who see fossil fuel usage as an engine of capitalism.

If we explore, drill, and refine in earnest we could have more than enough fuel for the 50 years. The first oil shock was 40 years ago and we have done nothing. Hydrocarbon resources are finite, but more than enough to last the USA 1, years at current consumption rates: VRF yes, i plan to attempt this during the summer.

Do you really think the power companies are suppressing their existence? If they worked you bet your canadian bacon eating ass they would be using them instead of buying coal and shipping it vast distances to fire their boilers. So your going to build one this summer?

Do you have access to CNC milling equipment? What about rare earth magnets? Do you have access to them or rare earth metals? What are your kw output goals for the generator you build? You would need about 15kw of capacity to power your average house with electric appliances. It takes about 2hp to power 1kw worth of generating capacity. You would need a 30 hp hojo motor.

The shear size of this thing would be huge! I would like to see that in operation. Like I said before, I have looked into it. You would be better off figuring out a cheap build of a gasifer.

The whole collapse is being orchestrated. It is not like we have leadership acting like the little Dutch boy putting his finger in the dike. They are controlled by bankers and do as they are damn well told to do. Sometimes the control is based on blackmail. Newly elected congressmen are invited to big parties put on and paid for by Wall Street Bankers.

The encounters are of course recorded. This is how it begins. Most people who run for elected office, are not paragons of virtue, and progressively get worse when they make it to Washington.

And that, gentile reader, is why we are about to see a time like no other in history! The US population like all civilian populations will complain to each other how bad things are, how bad their elected leadership is and so forth and so on. They will not become a force of real political change unless they are physically hungry.

Not hungry for a better standard of living but stomach pains hungry. That was the catalyst that brought down the Eastern Block starting with Poland when the USSR could not keep up with guns and butter and chose guns. Yes Kevin, the hunger makes things happen. This time however it will be truly the hunger! Although the market arguably started its crash back on October 1, , the Black Week began on October 6th and lasted five trading sessions.

During that week, the Dow Jones Industrial Average would fall 1, points or ALL the central banks are buyers, so WE should be also. A bunch of race baitors and religion bators. Look at old and ancient maps. Dogan sustained wounds to the face, back of the skull, back and left leg. That suggests he may already have been lying wounded when the fatal shot was delivered, as suggested by witness accounts to that effect.

The four-member panel, led by Sir Geoffrey Palmer, a former prime minister of New Zealand, appears with these words to raise the possibility of an execution or something close. Dogan, born in upstate New York, was an aspiring doctor. His grief was as deep as his dismay at U. I was in america that week. I refuse to get a passport to travel to america ,and frankly, until i see massive changes, i simply do not feel safe in very many places in america.

Quite a few years ago, when we would go fishing up to Black Lake you could just drive back and forth across the border. JRS i agree, and dont blame you… it is insane.. When oil is no longer sold using U.

When other countries decide to stop trusting U. If China decides to cash in some of the U. War in the Middle East is a breaking point. War because of further encircling Russia is not only a breaking point but the end of civilization. Many people also forget about the San Andreas fault and the New Madrid fault which have broken together in the same year, A geophysical calamity could easily be a breaking point for the U. Yellowstone is another issue, and been noticing some activity in the Long Valley area in the Sierra Nevada range recently.

This fault removed many plates around the globe. Terrorism is also something that could be the breaking point of the U. Just look at the cost of 19 terrorists from taking down 4 planes. Trillions in cost from 2 prolonged wars.

A widespread terrorist attack to several cities would kill the U. Not even a Jericho type TV show attack would do it. Dirty bombs could cost tens of trillions if the dirty bombs where from high grade radioactive material, not the low grade medical waste stuff. Plutonuim powder spread over a couple dozen cities would be way more destructive that making one or two nuclear bombs from the material. Even the so called stop breaks that the stocks have could still see a runaway sell off even on rumors of some sort.

Brokers are ONLY human and are prone to run offs and fear just like anyone else and the VIX instability and volatility of the markets might just one day explode above and stay there. Then there are the wonderful banks that could be waiting for the next criminal act to throw it over the edge. The housing market still sucks and the commericial real estate market is another tettering on the brink.

The fact that I look at is that the stocks do not match an increase in comparison to real money, gold, silver and platinum. Stocks have risen, doubled, over their low point of to over Dow Jones Index. Gold and silver have also more than doubled or tripled in price during this period.

Just a catalyst those 19 terrorists, just like lighting a fuse, just the ignition to further chaos. Just like the act of pushing over one domino in a long line of future dominoes. This was my point. By the way I try to be informed about everything, this is a personal goal.

If you feel that I was not in this case please explain yourself, I am hardly anything from perfect. Would Junior have had enough popularity to gain a second term and or take the economy into the toilet by these idiotic banking regulations and the loan minimum wage earners the cost of a home that they could never pay off in years if they lived that long.

Ask yourself what IF this had never occurred, would the country be so bad off now, or in much better shape. Idle speculation here, sure, but what would have happened? Terrorism in the future could be catastrophic, nothing like anyone has seen. The media would have everyone believe that a group of terrorists cannot do that much. One terrorist with some bizarre mutated Marburg or Lassa Fever, or even a vaccine resistant Smallpox could end civilization, not to say the economy.

Something like the movie 12 Monkeys is not out of the realm of possibility. Terrorism all depends on the volume of initial and then future destruction of the act. Oh, sorry—sort of got a different reaction to that sentence.. We ARE the informed. US west coast radiation readings are skyrocketing.

Why no MSM coverage…. Would we even want to? Like locusts, once kaliforia was devoured, you moved to other places like my state and are doing the same thing. You relocate then run for stae, local and federal offices. I recently saw that movie The man caused events such as nuclear, biological, chemical and societal are the ones that have a high unpredictability. We have a government that has extensive resources to employ such event triggers. Most have very little resources to defend against such events.

New Orleans is a good example. As for the breaking point, we are close enough to roast hot dogs. I am concerned very concerned about that also. The is a two hunderd year supply oil and and natural gas off the coast of Florida in an area know as the Destin Dome. Perhaps it is far out for you, but for many it is here and it is painful. Your reality is not necessarily the same as others. What would you consider the breaking point to be?

I would be very interested in hearing your opinion. America will stumble on as long as Joe Sixpack can continue to eat and drink like a pig, Jane Doe can watch Dancing with the Stars, and Homeies can continue to do as they please. What happens to expertise and technological know-how in a systemic economical collapse? We dont have much info during the last Depression but we do have 2 events that could be used as model: Russian and Argentinian economies both collapsed once in the last 12years.

So what will happen to our technologies globally in the aftermath of a major global catastrophic event? If the event is severe enough I postulate that much knowledge would be lost for decades.

We use iphones and computers everyday but even though I have been in IT for 30years, rebuilding any tech from a component level is not my forte. Yes I could piece meal something into existence but the parts would need to work first. In a dime would get you a gallon of gas today a dime will get you a gallon of gas funny how it works. We just work now for worthless paper tomorrow worth — less net day worth —less someday worth nothing!!! Some day soon I fear!

Bring it on, tired of all this waiting around. After it finally caves in, maybe we can burn an image so vivid in history as to never let these lying, cheating, thieving, swindling, corrupt fucking whore psychopaths into any position of power, whatsoever! Identify them and keep them away from anything that has to do with leading, finance, policy, et cetera. The most important thing for the future is to make DAMNED sure nobody forgets what happens when you let psychopath swine run the show.

They end spreading shit everywhere. The majority has an underlying faith in the overall leadership. Obviously that has nothing to do with being correct. If the majority was right a democracy would be a better form of government than a republic. Well, watched the video. Show me oil that comes from fossils!

Most fossils are embedded HARD in rocks. Just how far away from Mother Earth is that camera anyway? Next eco-collapse will come with a series of natural disasters combined with humans in major panic mode combined with war or govenment stupidity or some really strange combo just like that!!!

Be ready as most of us crazy people think anything can happen anytime!! As long as Obozo gets re-elected his buddies in the green energy biz will be able to save us all……in twenty or thirty years. If the USD looses reserve currency status those dollars come home to roost and we get ultra high prices especially on imported goods and unemployment occurs on a massive scale as measures are instituted to remove as much currency from circulation and lower money velocity through high interest rates to control inflation.

We lived way beyond our means both public and private. For the scam to continue the US needs to raise the standard of living in more third world nations having them become manufactures and thereby require more items for import namely oil so there is an increasing demand for the ever increasing supply of USDs.

Expect more and more meddling in other nations in the 3rd world of course for very nobel reasons. The standard of living within the US needs to be maintained above the revolt threshold but no more. Funds for the military are but a printing press and computer stroke key away with the MIC.

The one global currency the power brokers want is the USD. It fuels a military under their control to be used as the enforcer for Wall Street.

I cannot see our present system continuing forever. Food and water and survival of the fittest. Eventually everything reverts back to nature. Not in my lifetime, I hope. To facilitate that they need to maintain the US standard of living above the revolt datum. With Mom working day care will raise the kids and with it indoctrination of the children.

Two items are required to facilitate this; food and circus. Expect plenty of circus and sufficient food. People who value freedom will always have to defend it from those who claim the right to wield power over others. Get a clue here: In just about every case, doom is on after the elections.

Usually either immediately after the elections or after the swearing ins. This year, I see it happening right after the election. I think the elections will be an upset and TPTB will, essentially, retaliate, if they have any power left.

Thats what I keep saying. Its the same as Ever consider the possibility that they will want the collapse to take place BEFORE the election so that in the ensuing chaos, they can implement martial law…suspend the election…and Obama can retain power by fiat? Then, as people forgot about it, they created a new 13th amendment. You think you live in the USA. They redefine terms and make what looks like subtle changes that are actually game changing massive changes.

This is why they are able to do to us what is obviously unconstitutional and continue to get away with it. The fact is, between and our government did an about face. They did it in as subtle way as they could but in reality it changed from a government that we threw out to, essentially, that same government we threw out in less than years. Now, years after that it continues to creep in and become the slave master it always intended to be.

Our common law government still exists. Its mostly powerless but its there. You can put yourself back under it with a certain amount of success. The sheople, really are sheople. Even many that think they are not. They never get through the veneer of lies and into the real truth. The habit of calling this cesspool of turds rotating around the District of Criminals is killing our society. The fact is, there is no slavery other than the slavery in your own mind.

It will help you understand why it all must come unglued. Some describe the worst case scenario as the end of everything. The Northern Hemispere US is directly in the path of any fallout. If your Wahl product fails to operate satisfactorily within the limited warranty from the date of original purchase, Wahl will, at our option, repair or replace your product and return it to you free of charge. At Wahl, we are proud of our heritage, and hope to remain the global standard for integrity, value and efficiency, as we continue with our groundbreaking innovations for the present and future global market.

Wahl Professional Animal's Deluxe U-Clip medium-duty home pet grooming kit contains everything you need to complete a professional-style clip for your dog or cat. Ideal for touch-ups between groomer visits, the Deluxe U-Clip is great for clipping paws, faces, and finishing touches--and even light body clipping for dogs and cats, making clipping at home ultra convenient.

Built to achieve maximum performance with an advanced patented motor, the Deluxe U-Clip provides substantial power and speed without producing additional heat or noise. Can my blades be sharpened? Most Wahl blades are designed for maximum life and can be resharpened by Wahl Clipper or a credible independent sharpening service. Do I need to oil my blades? It is strongly recommended that you keep your blades well lubricated at all times, even during storage between usage.

Although Wahl blades are protected from corrosion, they will eventually rust if not taken care of properly. It is suggested that you apply a liberal amount of oil occasionally during use and after the job is finished.

Take the time to properly clean the dirt and hair from your blade and apply oil to the entire blade to prevent corrosion. What kind of oil should I use? Every Wahl Clipper is packaged with a tube or bottle of Wahl blade oil. It is recommended that you use only Wahl oil on your blades. Other aerosol type lubricants can evaporate leaving the metal susceptible to corrosion. Do I need to buy blade coolant? The majority of our clippers do not require blade coolant sprays, however some of the high performance, high speed professional units may require the use of coolants for the comfort of the animal.

Would you like to tell us about a lower price? While we work to ensure that product information is correct, on occasion manufacturers may alter their ingredient lists. We recommend that you do not solely rely on the information presented and that you always read labels, warnings, and directions before using or consuming a product.

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Ships from and sold by Amazon. This item is returnable This item can be returned within 30 days in most cases. Read full return policy. Turn on 1-click ordering. Other Sellers on Amazon. Try new Wag dog food, by Amazon. Image Unavailable Image not available for Color: Wahl Professional Animal's Deluxe U-Clip Pet Kit is ideal to clip, trim, and groom fine to medium animal hair and fur for dogs, cats, and other pets Ideal for Labradors, Cavaliers, Shih Tzus, Spaniels, Maltese, and other medium-duty pet fur clipping, trimming, and grooming of paws, face, ears, touch-ups, and light-body clipping Powerful speeds up to 7, strokes per minute make clipping quick and easy; this clipper provides substantial power and speed without producing additional heat or noise This piece kit offers a standard adjustable blade Wahl and includes all the tools needed to clip, trim, and groom your pet Measures 6.

Backed by Wahl's two-year limited warranty and a day satisfaction guarantee. Add all three to Cart Add all three to List. Buy the selected items together This item: What other items do customers buy after viewing this item?

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Warranty Only Valid in the USA If your Wahl product fails to operate satisfactorily within the limited warranty from the date of original purchase, Wahl will, at our option, repair or replace your product and return it to you free of charge.

Light body clipping on small and medium sized dogs Face, feet, and finish work on all dog breeds Key Features and Specifications: Up to 7, Motor: Chances are that the clipper is functioning properly, however the problem usually is within the blade set. Most often, the blade sets may be dull or have a buildup of dirt and hair.

Sometimes all it takes is one hair trapped between the top and bottom blades to affect the cutting performance of the blades. Remove the blade from the clipper and use the cleaning brush provided to remove any accumulated dirt and hair.

Substantial activities were undertaken in block 9 only, where 5 exploration wells were drilled on the basis of seismic survey including 3D seismic. The Offshore Bidding Round being limited to newly-formed deep water blocks, attracted some bids.

However, the ensuing maritime boundary dispute in most of the blocks created a stalemate. In this backdrop, two blocks were negotiated with Conoco Phillips and a PSC for two blocks was signed in Conoco Phillips completed the initial seismic survey in the blocks. They relinquished these blocks in without drilling any exploratory well.

After the resolution of the Maritime boundary dispute with Myanmar by virtue of the judgment awarded on 14 March, by International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea ITLOS , the deep water blocks on the eastern part were rearranged. The Bangladesh Offshore Bid Round was announced in December, and substantial initial response was received.

Deep water bids, received in January, , are now being processed. Since the signing of the PSC's, several changes in ownership and restructuring in the contracts have taken place. All of the onshore PSC's have matured from the exploration phase to the production phase and major areas of the blocks have been relinquished.

Even though exploration history of oil and gas in Bangladesh goes back almost a century, exploration density could not be enhanced as much it is required to convert domestic oil and gas resources into proven reserves. However, the exploration success ratio is high as of about 1 in 3 wells.

As of December, out of 26 gas fields discovered, 19 were under production. Despite increase in production, the rising demand could not be met and the gap between supply and demand is widening. As such the government has taken steps to import LNG to minimize the gap. Petrobangla is also entrusted with mineral development in the country.

While the exploration part of minerals activity falls under the charter of Geological Survey of Bangladesh GSB , subsequent development of economic deposits are undertaken by Petrobangla.

Petrobangla has developed two underground mines, one for coal at Barapukuria which started commercial production in September, and the other for Granite at Maddhapara which went into commercial production in May, Certain other extraction operation, like limestone, white clay and boulder, are controlled by the government through the Bureau of Mineral Development BMD.

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Just how far away from Mother Earth is that camera anyway?

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