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This can especially endanger your security in traffic. HB1 filters eliminate the negative effects of foggy weather by preventing light reflection. It provides you a clear field of view.

As it is known, light from the computer screen is extremely harmful for the eyes. However, our job requirements dictate us to use computers for hours. Redness in the eye, lachrymation, frequent need for rest are the problems we encounter. Looking at the computer screen with Heider HB1 is vital for your eye health. Thanks to the special 6 filter glasses, harmful lights from the computer screen cannot reach your eyes.

We have an undescribable feeling when the ground is covered with white snow. The only thing to spoil this peace would be the eye irritation caused by the white reflection of the snow. The yellow color Anti-Glare glasses produced with special polarized lens coating, is a special product for prevention of glare and reflection during night driving used by drivers especially in Europe and America.

Anti-Glare glasses prevent glares occurring on the surface without negatively effecting your range of vision. It increases contrast levels while reducing light reflection. The best way is to use these glasses to protect yourself from UV rays. Eyestrain results from exposure to rays during the day.

You can drastically reduce eye strain by using anti-reflective glasses. It is recommended by physicians. HB1 will become indispensable for you thanks to its wide area of utilisation.

Those interested in hunting know this very well. Even in case your prey is very close to you, it will be very hard to distinguish if it is camouflaged very well. The modules explore common challenges students face or experience, practical methods to…. Please be advised of the following campus bookstore hours for January Trafalgar Campus Week of January 7: Do you live or work in Brampton?

Take part in the conversation about how to make Brampton a better place to live for all ages. Please be advised that the HMC bus stop has been relocated. Please see the map below to view the new bus stop location. The schedule will remain the same. For questions regarding the Shuttle Service,….

This issue includes details about Winter term service and support, an update on the intranet portal project, new licensing details for….

As a proud leader of sustainability initiatives and strong community partner, Sheridan is eager to provide guidance and help other communities implement energy efficient programs whenever possible. Sheridan recently lent a helping hand by leading…. Participants received a free lunch voucher and an eco-friendly tote bag, which they used to collect waste from….

These sleek, newly-designed metal bins, which fully comply with fire code regulations, were strategically placed in hallways around…. The Sheridan Canada Career Month Team would like to thank the hundreds of Sheridan students, staff, and faculty members who participated in the recent national Canada Career Month, which ran for the month of November….

Capstone projects represent the cumulative work of a team of students who develop a solution to a real-world problem. Save the date s! Orientation week programming for international students is listed below by campus. Please share and plan to join us! For a detailed description of the activities, please download the accompanying flyers.

The nascent documentarian is telling stories…. The Sheridan Alumni team is pleased to introduce its newest member, Chelsea Erhardt. Chelsea joins us today as our new Alumni Coordinator.

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