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RBC Target Maturity Corporate Bond ETFs


The FTSE, or the FTSE Group, is a company, similar to Standard & Poor’s, that specializes in index calculation. While the FTSE is not part of any stock exchange, the co-owners are the London. *FTSE Ground Rules state that changes in shares in issue are not taken into account between reviews unless they've resulted from corporate events.


 · According to FTSE Russell, the organization that maintains the index, the collective P/E ratio for all the stocks in the Russell is just

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Fees Fees as of current prospectus. The funds do not seek to return any predetermined amount at maturity, and the amount an investor receives may be worth more or less than their original investment.

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These risks include credit risks associated with holding individual corporate issuers, price transparency in the over the counter OTC corporate bond market, and liquidity risks. The shares tipped to bounce back Investors stung by the worst year for Aussie shares in eight years should expect better returns in

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