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H&R Block is a popular service for electronically filing your taxes. H&R Block's free tax calculator will estimate your tax return in less than five minutes. The tax calculator will also. HR Block Desktop Software Downloads and CD's If you're looking for great desktop tax software to install at a fair price, then HR Block Software is probably the right software for you. It will help you get your taxes done quickly, easily and accurately.

HR Block 2019 & Tax Law Changes

Also was able to answer all my questions I had. She helped us to discover a rebate we had been eligible for several years but never utilized. Our experts know all the ins and outs of the tax system. We have a series of rigorous security protocols and checks to keep your information safe and secure no matter where, when, or how you complete your return. Trained Tax Experts, getting you the most back.

We make it simple. Meet with a Tax Expert and get the most from your return. Complete your tax interview and have your return completely personalized.

Add only what you need with Quick Slip entry. We scan for any credits and deductions you may have missed. With our automatic calculations, you can maximize your return or minimize your amount owing. Understand a detailed breakdown of your tax credits and claims.

You can purchase Expert Review to answer any of your questions. Handle simple and complex tax situations - no hidden fees, no missing forms. Get step-by-step guidance from the start of your return to the moment you file. Feel confident your data is safe, secure, and encrypted with the same safeguards used by the banks and government. See your notice of assessment from the government right in the software. Use our SmartSearch engine to find slips and forms with the touch of a button. Put our fully optimized tax engine to work as we maximize your refund or minimize your tax owing.

Save time and easily switch to our tax software. Import a PDF of last year's return directly into the software. Save time and improve accuracy. Transfer last year's tax details directly into this year's return.

Open the site navigation Ways to File Taxes Online. Deluxe Online Tax Filing Best for homeowners, charitable giving and health savings accounts. Snap-a-pic W-2 import Self-help via help center Technical support by chat. Import expenses from popular apps like Stride Cost basis calculation. Small business income Small business expenses Home office, depreciation, vehicle expenses.

File taxes online from anywhere with Block by your side. Help me choose an online product. Get more from your refund when you shop at Amazon.

See what others are saying about our online tax preparation options. Block beats Turbo on price Why pay more to file online? The Tax Institute Our experts share insights on the latest tax topics.

Our clients are saying great things.

We have all the forms you need regardless of your tax situation.

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Add value to your return with these products and services. Easy Our tax software allows you to complete your return on any device you want so that you can file anywhere, any time.

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