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Historische Kurse zu Ölpreis Brent.

Brent Crude ist ein eher leichtes, „süßes“ Rohöl mit niedrigem Schwefelgehalt. Der Ursprung dieses Rohöls liegt zwischen den Shetlandinseln und Norwegen in der Nordsee. Durch. Während die Differenz zwischen dem Rohölpreis der Sorte Brent und dem Benzinpreis (E10) in der Vergangenheit bei etwa 85 Cent je Liter gelegen habe, sei dieser Wert sei Mai gestiegen und habe jüngst den Stand von fast 1,05 Euro erreicht, berichtete RWI-Forscher Manuel Frondel. Seit Oktober sind die Preise für Rohöl eingebrochen, während die Preise für Benzin und Diesel gestiegen seien.

Ölpreis (Brent) Chart in Dollar - 1 Jahr

Former US National Security Advisor Brent Scowcroft discusses democratic change in the Middle East and improved cooperation with the Europeans. He says President Bush is learning from his mistakes.

Finland These are the average prices of various stations. The price differences are not as big in Finland. LPG is not sold in Finland. France These are the average prices of various stations. In big cities and on highways, the fuel is expensive, in smaller places and right next to the highway is much cheaper fuel.

Georgia Prices of Lukoil Oil Company. Germany These are average prices, those higher on the highway, directly from the highway is often much lower. Greece These are the average cost of fuel.

There are substantial differences in prices at the pump. LPG is not individuals but is provided to tourists. Hungary The prices come from the Hungarian Association of road haulage.

Israel Gasoline prices are set by the government on the first working day of every month. These are the average prices in Israel. Italy These are national average prices.

There are substantial differences in prices for petrol and diesel, Small differences in LPG price. Jordan Fuel Prices by the government once a month. Latvia Prices of Lukoil Oil Company. Lithuania Prices of Lukoil Oil Company. Luxembourg Fuel prices are set by the government. In Luxumbourg see no lower prices all prices are equal. LPG is not really interesting because Belgium has discounts and prices there can be a lot lower.

Macedonia Prices of Lukoil Oil Company. Malta Prices come from Enemalta Corporation. Montenegro Prices of Lukoil Oil Company. Netherlands Prices are average retail prices of five fuel companies: On motorways it often pays retail prices, highways outside sometimes considerable discounts.

Norway These are recommended by Statoil, Some stations give discount. Poland These are the average prices of Poland. For the uninitiated, it is difficult to approach the question as to the product's safety.

On the one hand, it is said that there are studies proving the safety of glyphosate. But then, a Monsanto employee has admitted that the product Round Up has never been tested to determine if it is a carcinogen - as to whether it causes cancer.

The studies are just window dressing. They have nothing to do with cancer. They focus, for example, on whether the substance can trigger eye or skin irritation. There are only around 20 studies on the issue of cancer. And almost all of them show a risk. But Monsanto always refers to the studies because it allows them to better divert attention. When a company only has to prove the safety of the active ingredient glyphosate , but not the final product, which in the case of Round up is a kind of chemical cocktail, isn't that an important regulatory loophole?

You make an important point. In this country, regulations are so weak that a formula for Round Up is permitted that is not allowed in almost any other country. In Germany, for example, the compound is different. Yes, Monsanto hired the company TNO to conduct a study in It showed that the stuff permeated the skin of rats at three times the rate permitted in Germany. Monsanto said this is a big problem, whereupon TNO offered to repeat the study at no extra cost.

Monsanto declined the offer, choosing instead to bury it as a flawed study. Why such harsh criticism? Because the study proved a cancer risk to rats and thus posed a risk to Monsanto. They orchestrated an outcry, arranged for a flood of reader mail protesting alleged mistakes made in the study and pushed the editor of the scientific journal, with whom they established a financial relationship, to retract the paper. Monsanto concealed the dangers represented by the dioxins in the cooling fluid PCB in addition to the risks posed by the former herbicide Agent Orange.

Do you see Round Up as being part of a certain historical continuity? Yes, because Monsanto's history is one full of vast lies. They mislead people, promise that their products are safe and make a lot of money by doing so.

And when things get uncomfortable, they simply move on to another product. This strategy has proven successful for over years. And Monsanto executives don't care about their reputations at all. Bayer's approach will hopefully be more responsible, although they have now placed a burden on themselves.

Do you have an explanation for why Bayer bought Monsanto in the first place? They seem to have underestimated how much of a liability this company would be, how much poison is hidden in its past. Bayer may have begun regretting the acquisition last week when its stock price plummeted. And it won't get any easier for them: More documents will come to light and there are still quite a few more lawsuits.

Our law firm alone is representing people against Monsanto. Anti-Monsanto Lawyer 'Monsanto's History Is One Full of Vast Lies' Following a successful lawsuit against Monsanto for concealing the cancer risks of its pesticide Round Up, the lawyer representing the plaintiffs in the case says the Bayer subsidiary is likely to face many more legal challenges in the future. I understand that I may repeal my consent at any time. Discuss this issue with other readers!

Ölpreis (WTI) Chart in Dollar - 1 Jahr

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There are substantial differences in prices at the pump.

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