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4 Canadian Marijuana Stocks That Could See Growth From the U.S. Legalization Votes

Keep up with major deals and investment opportunities in marijuana.

Inside you'll get a PDF that reveals the key dates to go after potential profits on. Find The Best Canadian Marijuana Stocks or Pot Stocks to Invest In Canada’s Liberal government has paved the way for recreational use in the near future, boosting the value of these Canadian marijuana stocks or pot stocks.

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SmallCapPower December 18, However, there is still a large amount of uncertainty surrounding Canadian marijuana stocks particularly if demand for cannabis products outweigh production capacity from licensed producers.

Financial results capturing the full effects of legalization will not be released until early These results could spark another sector wide rally if they are stronger than anticipated. More recently, the industry has seen further declines after a short-seller report by Hindenburg Research targeted Aphria TSX: The allegations spooked investors in the industry and sparked a sector wide sell-off, which the industry has yet to completely recover from.

If you are in the market for strong potential returns and are willing to stomach some risk, then check out our top 10 Canadian marijuana stock picks. Sign up below to get the hottest investing ideas. Canopy Growth Corporation is a diversified multi-brand cannabis and hemp company, offering distinct brands and curated cannabis products with varieties in dried, oil and soft-gel capsule forms.

The Company has the largest licensed production platform in Canada, with over , sq. To further solidify their leading position in the market, the Company expects to have up to an additional 5,, sq. STZ to establish a global position and development of cannabis infused beverages.

More recently, the Company reported its Q2 financial results on November 14, Aurora Cannabis is a licensed producer and distributer of medical cannabis. To prepare for the legalization of the adult consumer market for cannabis, the Company is substantially increasing its production capacity.

ACB expects to have just under 1,,00 sq. It intends to convert several existing outlets, as well as develop new stores, for the sale of cannabis to the recreational market. KO were in discussion for a partnership to develop cannabis related beverages.

So far, no formal deal has been announced. On November 12, , Aurora announced its Q1 financial results. APH sells medical marijuana and its derivatives through both retail sales and wholesale channels. Canada will be the first in the breach, so to speak, to see the ultimate impact of legalized recreational marijuana. If the Canadian project works out and yields beneficial results, other countries will take note and even use it as an example of how to get marijuana legalized in a safe and profitable way for all those involved.

Safe to say, Canada would be thrust into the spotlight when if the marijuana legalization laws are eventually passed and put in force. But the most important knock-on effect, at least for investors, will be the subsequent jump in marijuana stocks, followed by more stable numbers that would result after the initial jump tapers off. With legalization on the books, however, we would witness firsthand the full potential of these shares.

As such, finding the Canadian marijuana stocks to invest in now is crucial to any investor looking to make a big play in the weed market. After all, more countries need to begin to push through favorable legislation if the drug wants to go mainstream. And, while many nations are, in fact, looking into the codification of legal marijuana usage, none are particularly close, compared to Canada.

With all that in mind, what you have is essentially the pioneering nation when it comes to weed laws. Therefore, Canada is one of the best places to find great investment opportunities in this sector.

Canadian marijuana companies are set to see huge gains if everything remains on track, which makes the best marijuana stocks in Canada so enticing in the current political climate. OGI , but recent news has pushed it more on the risk side of things. A class-action lawsuit filed against the company in , however, stifled that growth. The company posted its highest single-week sales earlier in March, pointing toward an improving consumer base and strong long-term outlook.

Canopy Growth stock has jumped Canopy Growth is the premier Canadian marijuana stock, and is still quite cheap, just barely in the double digits. The company has a huge market share and a strong chance to make another great year of gains, with the legalization in Canada pushing the stock up even further.

Although legalization is only months away, the exchanges and government are only now starting to publicize their plans on how to roll out recreational marijuana use. For starters, it is important for investors to understand that the federal government has de-centralized many of the decisions to the provinces.

As such, each provincial government will be implementing their specific distribution plans. As we have already seen, these may vary wildly. Recreational marijuana sales will closely resemble that of their liquor system. No announcement has been made with respect to where they will source the product.

Much like Ontario, New Brunswick will regulate the distribution of marijuana through a newly formed Crown Corporation. Another entity, yet to be announced, will handle retail operations. Of note, the company also announced an agreement with two suppliers, Organigram and Canopy Growth. Provincial agreements lead to a certain level of legitimization for companies.

It gives them some instant credibility and provides them with legal access to the recreational market. Speaking of legitimacy, a number of provinces have existing licensing agreements with marijuana companies to produce or sell marijuana for medical purposes. Each of those companies has already passed the strict guidelines and must adhere to the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act.

Investors can use this publicly available information to help provide an educated guess as to which growers are better positioned to be suppliers for recreational use. As an example, Organigram is the sole company licensed for the cultivation, production, and sale of marijuana for medicinal purposes in New Brunswick. Therefore, it was not surprising to see them named as a supplier for recreational use. One of the most important aspects will be scalability of operations.

The industry is in full growth mode. Organizations will need access to capital in order to expand operations and meet demand. Instead, they must also determine its feasibility and likelihood of meeting targets in what is shaping up to be an extremely competitive space.

Admittedly, outside of the big three marijuana stocks, it is difficult to predict which other companies will have long-term staying power. The 2-year deal to supply cannabis to the recreational market in the province adds further growth potential to their current medical license. On top of supplying dried cannabis and oil products, through their exclusive agreement with TGS Colorado, the company is well positioned to take advantage of recreational edible products, which have rapid growth potential.

Likewise, much like everyone on the list, the company is growing production capacity and is expected to reach , sq. The company currently produces 5,kg and expects to more than double production to 16,kg by next year. Click here to see their chart and opinions.

The fourth best stock on our list of top cannabis stocks is Supreme Pharmaceuticals. Supreme Pharmaceuticals is primarily a producer supplying cannabis to legal retailers in Canada. Unlike the others listed here, the company is focused on business-to-business sales through the wholesale market.

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