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 · This is a video recording of Bonitasoft's popular BPM Camp updated for Bonita BPM See how to design processes, model business data and create forms with. With more than customers in 75 countries, and its ecosystem of more than , members, Bonitasoft is the largest provider of open-source Business Process Management, Low-code and Digital Transformation software worldwide.

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Trycore worked on BBVA's digital transformation project which include the development of more than 40 applications running on Bonita. With recent product releases, Bonitasoft has made two important shifts.

While both technologies deal with automation and both are being increasingly used in digital transformation projects, one cannot serve as a substitute for the other.

Companies in all industries have begun adopting digital business platforms also known as digital transformation platforms to streamline both internal and customer-facing processes. This website require Javascript. Improve operations and reduce costs by digitizing business processes Learn how Deliver exceptional experiences for your customers and employees Learn how Empower development teams to create enterprise-grade applications Learn how.

The Visio import format must be. Only horizontal display is supported. The vertical display will be converted and interpreted as a mirror image of the process. Visio supports all shapes defined in the BPMN 1. See here for more info about Visio compatibility. Export a process diagram as a BPMN 2.

To export a diagram in BPMN 2. Specify the location and filename for the exported diagram, and click OK. Export process elements You can export files related to elements of the processes in the Bonita BPM Studio repository.

You can export the following: Choose Export from the Diagram menu or click Export in the Cool bar. Select the items to be exported. Specify the filename and location or use the default suggested.

Build a process for deployment When a process is ready for deployment, you must create an executable business archive. To create the business archive:

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