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The ABC have teamed up with Smiling Mind and former Sydney Swans captain Brett Kirk to develop a series of mindfulness meditations, including some designed to help deal with different forms of workplace stress.

Specifically, meditations to help you: Forbes has published a fantastic set of tips for employers in the finance industry, aiming to help them help finance workers achieve a good balance between work life and home life. With a little tweaking, we reckon the tips are applicable for other professionals in a client-f In claim farming, telemarketers try to recruit clients for personal injury claims and then sell the client referrals to law firms.

The practice is banned in some Australian states and against ethical guidelines in others. But desperate times call for desperate measures. Happy managers are low on three key job stressors, according to new Australian research reported on The Conversation.

Role ambiguity, role conflict and role overload all increase managers' unhappiness, while reducing performance. She says that managers often struggle to respond well when workers disclose mental health problems. She shared 5 tips with Smart Company: Respond to disclosure with compassion and support.

People who stand all day for work can end up aching all over, especially if they have poor posture and few breaks. Kusal Goonewardena, founder of the Elite Akademy physiotherapy clinic, told the Sydney Morning Herald that "mini-steps" aka walking on the spot Curiosity piqued by the paucity of post-conference food choices available on his work-related travels typical dinner options: The most recent episode which we link to here asks "How do you react when you notice bad behaviour taking place in the office, in corporatio Follow the link for an article written for workers by Caroll and O'Dea Lawyers, explaining the ins and outs of impairment benefits in Victoria.

Imagine seeking psychological support after a series of traumatic experiences, only to be told the solution is to go home and sleep with your husband. Dispute resolution processes in the NSW workers' compensation system are to be overhauled, with proposed changes including: The path for trainee surgeons is a difficult one: We all have our pet peeves, but according to US workplace culture and compensation data-crunchers Comparably, many of us haaaaaaate micromanaging bosses.

Over the last year we've covered some of the challenges RTW poses for women specifically. Is flexible work for men the answer? Libbie Lyons, director of the Workplace Gender Equality Agency, has called on senior managers to set targets for flexible work amongst male emplo RTW professionals are often the nice guys and gals of the office, which according to Peter O'Connor from the school of Business and Management at Queensland University of Technology means that they could be compromising their own success at work.

The Workplace Safety Futures report identifies six megatrends set to shake things up: RTWMatters is created in suburban Melbourne, northern NSW, country Victoria, Tasmania, Darwin and even further afield, meaning that we depend on digital connectivity and home office environments.

We love the flexibility of this working model but there are health and wellbeing Arthritis Australia's national policy and government relations manager, Franca Marine, recently shared some tips for helping workers with athritis remain at work.

Here's something we didn't know: Yes you can, according to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, which recently upheld Comcare's decision to cease covering massage therapy for a worker injured in The massages began as a treatment for back pain brought on by a chronic cough from exposure to cigarette The cost, lost time and lost potential adds up: John Brogden has written a thoughtful and personal analysis of James Packer's decision to resign from the board of Crown Resorts because of struggles with mental illness.

Australian researchers are part of the team behind an international "fact check" on the ins and outs of back pain thanks to new research published in Lancet. Monash University researcher, Professor Rachelle Buchbinder, says a radical shift in thinking is requi Thanks to shift work, a lack of breaks and poor access to healthy food during working hours, care workers can struggle to live a healthy life.

To fight the unhealthy trend, care workers in the UK are getting creative: You might have seen recent reports of employers up in arms about "the growth of paid-for sick notes which they say are being handed out like headache tablets in some pharmacies". The young royals of the UK have announced a new mental health initiative: Some public service workers' compensation claims may soon be managed by private sector insurers, if government departments and agencies decide to take advantage of new options announced by Comcare this month.

The oracle of the Cochrane Systematic Review has spoken: Despite describing the available research as of low to very low quality, the authors of the review found some evidence that: In Western Australia, medical staff are being trained in self-defense techniques by the police.

Patients have been known to spit at nurses and doctors, hu An independent review of the mental health of members of the Australian Federal Police has found that: Did you know that whiplash injuries cost more than spinal cord and traumatic brain injuries caused by car crashes, according to the University of Queensland's Recover Injury Research Centre?

Or that half of all people with whiplash injuries will be moderately to severely It's an update and adaptation of a framework initially prepared for the life i For FIFO worker Barry Haack a wrist injury eventually became a mental breakdown, after colleagues dubbed him "The Milky Bar Kid" because they believed he was milking his injury while working modifed duties. Mr Haack's supervisor offered no support, and eventuall Health and happiness at work depends on good communication, according to CEO insights in the linked article from Raconteur.

A mathematical model of all human muscles and bones may soon be available to help physical therapists and clinicians predict compensable injuries and help patients avoid them.

According to the researchers at the University of Pennsylvania and Haverford College who are develop The American Medical Association is urging doctors to ask their patients, "What matters to you? The tactic is particularly effective for patients with chronic conditions. Job satisfaction, productivity and wellbeing all "shatter" when a worker finds out that someone performing a similar role is being paid more: The idea that heavy lifting causes hernias is outdated, according to evidence presented on behalf of Comcare to the Workers' Compensation Tribunal.

Having a best friend in the office makes work more enjoyable, productive, according to a survey of UK companies, conducted by employee engagement provider Wildgoose.

The research showed that cameraderie was valued more highly by women than men: We know that work-related stress can give some people high blood pressure. Scientists are now beginning to understand how work stress can rewire the brain in ways that also impacts the body. He implied that he was not, but it's now been reveale Did you know that there are now more than 10, self-help apps for anxiety and depression? Or that many of these apps go unregulated by any medical body? The American Psychiatric Association sees a lot of potential benefit in the realm of digital mental health, but also pote They can become depressed and feel helpless.

Ann McFadyen, associate professor o Ever heard of the curb cut effect? It's when "designs intended to benefit people with disabilities often end up benefiting everyone. The curb cut i. It was trial by A Current Affair for WorkSafe Victoria, which agreed to fund access to psychological support for an injured worker after he appeared on the Channel Nine program.

Murray Tucker had his foot crushed at work. His workers' compensation payments were cancelled For the last five years he's suffered from epilepsy and experienced memory loss that makes tasks like shopping for groceries difficult. In this vivid article, people who've suffered psychological injury at work share their stories with news. For example, a child protection worker described his breakdown: ACT construction workers, as well as those who work in healthcare, retail, electricity and the arts, beware: Across all industries in the ACT, 3.

Workers win, government wins and employers win when workplaces become more age-friendly, according to a study from the Australian National University. The ten-year, longitudinal study compared the health, wellbeing and levels of welfare dependency amongst older workers and th The Mental Health Commission hopes organisations will use the results of the research to organise work in ways that prom Despite the fact that the legislation was recently amended to remove the lag-time that saw some older workers ineligible fo Workers continue to come forward claiming that they've been traumatised by their dealings with WorkSafe Victoria, with one man saying that " The index ranks professions according to physical health, medical health, psychological health, lifestyle fact In what industrial lawyer Michael Ats has described as "probably the best deal anywhere in Australia for employees", SA Police has secured an additional 40 years of income and medical benefits for injured cops, on top of what RTW legislation allows other South Austr Across the European Union, Romanian workplaces have the highest scores for mental vitality, motivation, staff retention and productivity as measured by the Global Employee Engagement Index.

What sets Romania apart? Employers have dropped the ball when it comes to workplace mental health, according to the results of a survey of NSW businesses. As reported in the Brisbane Times: Fewer than one in 10 8. Associate Professor Angela Martin said th Around 75, Australians live with a psychotic illness; only World Mental Day happens annually on October This year, the World Health Organisation wants us all to focus on mental health at work.

The legal experts at Lexology say that employers often take a "bury the head in the sand" approach with struggling employees bec SafeWork NSW is emphasising mental health at work, with a summit scheduled for next month in Sydney to develop a strategy to be rolled out in Based in Devonport, a town in northern Tasmania, the Tasmanian Clothing Company has warned that a jump in insurance premiums due to an ongoing workers' compensation claim could cause the business to fold, with 20 local women set to lose their jobs.

Sustained workplace noise increases stress, decreases productivity and can compromise safety - so WorkSafe NZ is drawing attention to companies that are proactive about reducing it. A casual primary school teacher from NSW has been awarded a six-figure settlement from a school authority on top of the workers' compensation payments she to which she has been entitled since The teacher had sustained a severe psychiatric injury as a result of bully In NSW, thousands of long-term workers compensation claimaints are due to have their payments ceased over the next 12 months, as cost-saving measures come in to effect.

One such worker, Shaun Toby, has been out of work for 20 years. Earlier this year, a medical specialist sta We all know that sedentary work is associated with negative health outcomes; new Canadian research suggests that standing all day at work is bad for us too.

The research, which looked at workers over a year period, found that people who primarily stand on the j Every year sleepy workers cause more than 10, serious workplace injuries.

Currently, it's up to workers to self-identify as too tired for work. Researchers at Monash University think they might have a solution: According to HRSoftware, corporate wellness is just eight steps away: Customise Use data to identify what needs to be done Use data to track progress Foster an active culture Match communication channels to employee communication hab At NSW Health, mental health claims are subject to legal assessment before medical assessment, in a process "designed to put barriers in the way of proper compensation for those workers who suffer psychological injury.

Bums on seats does not necessarily lead to productive working days for all. Presenteeism is one of the scourges of mental ill health.

New research suggests that bringing some positivity into the office could be the answer. According to The Conversation UK: Little pills can cause big problems. According to Goldman Sachs courtesy of the New Yorker, in the US "fewer prime working-age men are participating in the labor force than in the past, and Joshua Schulz was employed as a contractor, with no leave or superannuation entitlements, operating under an ABN and collecting GST, working part time as an Uber driver - and yet he was also eligible for workers' compensation from the company who leased him his vehicle, a Six years ago, a Senate inquiry found "a conclusive link between firefighting and cancers, and found certain cancers to be up to five times more likely than in the general population".

In NSW and Victoria, however, firefighters diagnosed with work-related cancers fa According to Forrest Personel, the aim is to broaden awareness that those with disabilities or mental health conditions can bring a r Suffering a brain injury and spinal injuries at work when she was just 19, 36 year old Kerrin Shortis lived with serious depression before commencing dance lessons 4 years ago.

She now credits dancing with helping her reclaim her life, including holding down a job. Some sobering facts from the Australian: Unskilled labourers are most at risk. Men are more likely to blame work for mental health problems than women, but less likely to speak up and ask for help, according to research from UK foundation MIND.

Emma Mamo, head of workplace wellbeing at Mind, said, "Many men work in industries where a macho cu Increasing corporate advocacy for mentally healthy workplaces will be the priority of the Leading Well Queensland Collaboration, a new collaboration from the SuperFriend Mental Health Promotion Foundation and WorkCover Queensland, after a similar collaboration was launched in The boxes weighed up to 24kg, and some were labe Firing the employee might seem like a relatively easy solution to long-term work absence, given the many challenges of supporting people back to work after a period of prolonged absence.

However, if the employee protests it's up to the employer to prove that, on the To yell or not to yell: Experts in Canada are calling on the construction industry to come to grips with psychological injuries, pointing to a link between psychological safety and physical safety.

According to health and safety consultant Jeff Lyth, swearing, bullying and harrassment are not Lately we've come across several articles praising the concept of a "mental health day". Here's an Australian example. The link in the heading represents a contrasting point of view, from a Canadian magazine that argues that the explanation "I don't We can't vouch for the comprehensiveness of this list, but the people at PR Wire have compiled a list of all the incentives i.

Scroll down to find the detail Pain is more unbearable when people are experiencing stress and this can be enough to persuade people to have unecessary spine operations, according to US surgeon David Hanscom. He shares a "road to Damascus" moment, describing how he revolutionised his own practice And they can find it difficult to cope when employees struggle too: Follow the link for a fantastic overview of the science and art of ergonomics, which focuses on shaping the environment to suit people and not the other way around.

Finding it hard to concentrate at work? Irritable with your colleagues? You might be due a mental health day! Mitchell Gajkowski, a 22 year old man who, three years ago, sustained catastrophic injuries riding a bull at a rodeo in Camden, NSW, has won an unprecedented legal case entitling him to lifetime cover for medical expenses, travelling expenses, weekly payments of workers compe The Tasmanian government has asked WorkCover Tasmania to consider extending workers' compensation coverage to foster parents.

Legislative Council Member Ruth Forrest argued that the changes made sense given that volunteer firefighters and ambulance drivers were covered by We've brought you a lot of information from this fantastic resource, especially its Centre for Disability Research, and we'll continue to search the back catalogue for relevant RTW gems.

In addition to wage reimbursement, a case manager is available to ease the transition, and The ACT government has abandoned plans to ditch Comcare for public sector workers' compensation, deciding instead to stick with the national body.

The plan to ditch Comcare was announced in , amidst rising premiums and concerns about claims management. More than one fifth of truckies experience mental illness and most aren't receiving treatment, according to research cited by the Transport Workers Union.

They've partnered with beyondblue to draw attention to the issue. Karen Hitchcock is a doctor and writer who has a regular column in the Monthly. Recently she had this to say about the sick day: If you're lucky enough to work for an organisation that allows its employees flexibility about where and when they do their work, here's some free advice from a lawyer: In a truck driver on his way home from an induction session was involved in a head-on collision with a motorcyclist, who died at the scene.

Surgeons often overestimate the benefits of their work and underestimate the harm of it, according to leading orthopaedic surgeon, Ian Harris. According to an icare spokesperson, the selection of scheme agents was based on factual ou WorkSafe Queensland wants to acknowledge excellence in return to work in Injured worker achievement award Best rehabilitation and return to work system Best individual contribution to rehabilitation and return to work In , 33, Americans died by overdosing on opioids, the most fatalities from all categories of drugs.

Queensland miners attending their compulsary health assessment will soon be seen by doctors with additional, mine-specific training, including an underground visit in a coal mine. Best Practice airs on Radio National. In this episode, Rhonda Brighton-Hall asks questions about work satisfaction: A short article in The Age paints a vivid picture of the lingering impact of traumatic injury at work.

Three years ago Dan Casey's foot was nearly amputated after a young co-worker mistakenly flicked the hydraulic arm of a Bobcat he was driving.

In good news for Victorian organisations, WorkHealth is expanding, with the aim of helping employers make mental health a priority in the workplace. The researchers will now examine the cost-effectiveness Gillard announced that Beyond Blue has now set its sights on suicide prevention, and A systematic review of research from the UK, Germany, Australia and the United States shows that the ill-effects of unemployment can be counteracted by work - but that work has to be good.

According to Professor Sara Connolly, one of the study authors: US employers believe that workplace wellness programs improve employee health, performance and productivity. But according to Ron Z. The South Australian Employment Tribunal has ruled in favour of a former employment trainer who suffered a heart attack seven months after being stood down with pay from his job at the Careers Institute of Training in Hindmarsh. Earlier this month, the Washington Post gained access to a sealed court filing of a class action lawsuit representing ex-players in America's National Football League.

Lynn Morgan's work injury left her with incomplete paraplegia: Now as a result of total immersion therapy she is free to move again. According to the Adelaide Advertiser, therapy creator Pete You could argue that it's a recipe for stress and ill-health. A parliamentary review of NSW's workers' compensation system has called for a "one stop shop" to handle disputes about claims.

Other recommendations were aimed at stopping aggressive covert surveillance, preventing insurers from "doctor-shopping" a In late , Paul Wanders alleges he contracted whooping cough while teaching a forklift training course in remote Western Australia. Three months later he suffered a coughing fit followed by a strong headache, later found to be a serious stroke.

The West Australian Department of Mines and Petroleum has conducted an audit of mental health management at more than mining companies, measuring four outcomes: Management systems that address mental wellbeing; Resourcing of systems relating to mental w Australia Post is again in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons, with managers accused of manipulating injury rates and using corporate credit cards to pay for workers' medical treatments in order to secure bonuses for KPIs key performance indicators relating to LTI What if the ideal office is the one, dog pictures Jennifer Newman, a Canadian workplace psychologist, believes that organisations fail to protect workers from mental health problems because bosses tend to see mental illnesses like depression and anxiety as purely personal problems.

There were workers compensation claims for workplace fatigue, skin cancer and heat stroke in Queensland in the four years to July A woman who claims to have lost everything because of PTSD that developed as a result of a knock to the head at her Hunter Valley workplace says she was further traumatised by her experiences on workers' compensation.

NSW mine workers, past and present, have been invited to contact Coal Health Services to arrange a medical examination after a worker was diagnosed with the state's first confirmed case of black lung disease since the s. According to a recent presentation by Dr. Christopher McLeod at the Institute for Work and Health, RTW is not a one-off event but rather a trajectory that may be short or long, simple or complex.

He presents key demographic, clinical and work characteristics that Do you feel as though you need to be a counsellor or psychiatrist to manage mental health issues in the workplace? The experts have spoken: Winter seems far, far away at the moment but, as loyal Game of Thrones fans know, it is definitely coming. When it arrives, workers who suffer from SAD Seasonal Affective Disorder or even just the garden-variety afternoon slump could benefit from light therapy.

The biannual survey compares the return to work experiences and outcomes of injured workers against a number of variables, including returning to work, workplace r The Age reports on new research that shows that "standing up and walking around for five minutes every hour during the workday could lift your mood, combat lethargy without reducing focus and attention, and even dull hunger pangs".

The research measured perfor Canadian province Saskatchewan has removed the need for workers with psychological injuries to prove that their injury is work-related, going a step further than other Canadian provinces which assume work-relatedness only for PTSD. Meditation rates also increased, from UK Prime Minister Theresa May has announced a new partnership between government and employers to improve mental health support in the workplace.

According to the Guardian newspaper, the "right to disconnect " law came about because of a government-c The gender pay gap may contribute to problems with physical and mental health according to studies from Australia and the US. As reported on The Conversation, a "recent United States study investigated the role of the gender pay gap on depression and anxiety, match WorkSafe Victoria has reportedly confirmed what lawyers say is a growing problem in Australia: In NSW schools, the cost of workers' compensation claims relating to psychological injuries jumped by In the same period, the number of claims for psychological injuries increas Well that depends, according to a ruling from the Fair Work Commission.

Yes, if work absences are frequent or prolonged, and linked to any illness that Prince William has urged employers to create an environment in which talking about "feeling a bit 'down'" is no harder than admitting to having a cold, during an address to business leaders on behalf of the charity Heads Together. You may hit a paywall when you attempt to follow the link attached to this story, but we couldn't ignore the Australian's coverage of the crackdown on mental health claims at Comcare, which sources say has been initiated at the behest of the federal government.

Taking advice from lawyers before organising the work Christmas party? This alert from Lexology provides employers with hints and tips for an accident-free, claim-free festive season. If you're diagnosed with an asbestos-related disease in Queensland you have just 6 months in which to lodge a workers' compensation claim, a restriction that critics say has left many victims without recourse to compensation.

There were 27, claims for serious injury from Australian truckers in the years to , according to data from Safe Work Australia, averaging more than 5, claims per year. Manual handling injuries, falls and vehicular accidents accounted for Workers and businesses in Western Australia can now report work-related injury and illness online, thanks to a new web-based hazard and incident reporting system introduced by WorkSafe WA.

A workers' compensation case that has bounced from the Adminstrative Appeals Tribunal, to the Federal Court, the High Court and back again is yet to establish whether a decision taken by the ABC constitutes reasonable management action undertaken in a reasonable manner. Unlike some other OECD countries, Australia does not currently include work rehabilitation as part of the standard management of cancer patients - but it should, according to an oncologist and senior staff specialist at the Flinders Centre for Innovation in Cancer, Professor More than stress claims were lodged with South Australia Police over the last four years, but the President of the Police Association of South Australia believes the real figures could be much higher.

A parliamentary review of NSW workers' compensation commenced last week, as did a series of union rallies aimed at protesting a system in which they say workers are hounded by insurers until they drop their claims.

We'll keep you updated as the specifics emerge. A Sydney personal injuries lawyer, John Cox, has accused insurer Employers Mutual Limited of breaking the law and engaging in significant breaches of privacy when investigating workers' compensation claims. The insurer - one of five agents operating in the NSW worke By using big data to analyse staff movem The Administrative Appeals Tribunal has thrown out a Comcare workers' claim for compensation after surveillance footage showed the worker playing a poker machine in a club and going on a fishing trip with friends where he helped lift a kayak from a trailer, picked up a fu A former policeman who was shot in the line of duty is calling for WorkSafe to delay the payment of "termination bonuses" to insurers until workers have exhausted all their avenues for appeal.

A contractor for the Ambulance Service of NSW sold paramedics' workers compensation files containing psychiatric reports, details of serious injuries and other sensitive informationto a group of injury lawyers. The privacy breaches occurred in and and were repor Daniel Eales, an IT consultant who suffered from tinnitus after using a telephone headset on his right ear while working for Hewlett Packard, has been awarded workers' compensation by the SA Employment Tribunal after his employer's insurer rejected the initial claim.

A Queensland miner who has never worked underground has been diagnosed with black lung disease, the 16th confirmed case since Ten years ago, Kitchener Wilmot Hydro, a utility company in Canada that now employs about people and serves 91, homes and businesses, took part in a research project targeting musculoskeletal injuries.

The project focused on participatory ergonomics, a method for preve Workplace bullying and harrassment has led to workers' compensation claims in Tasmania in the last three years alone, inspiring WorkSafe Tasmania to launch a new anti-bullying campaign, the Mercury reports. Medically retired police in Western Australia are hoping that workers' compensation for police will become an issue in next year's state election campaign.

Currently, cops in WA who suffer physical or psychological injury on the job are only entitled to apply for a re Sedentary work practices are a physical and mental strain, according to Connie Digolis, chief executive officer of the Tasmanian Mental Health Council, and employers should allow workers small breaks throughout the day. Retail workers with more stable working schedules and longer lead-times before shifts have better physical and psychological health, a US study has found.

Associate Professor Kristen Harknett used Facebook to recruit nearly 6, retail workers aged 18 to Helping globally mobile workers acclimatise Taking a broad view of workplace wellness, a number of Victorian workplaces are offering school holiday care in the office, easing the way for parents to remain at work while their children enjoy term break.

Nathan Jones and his family are taking advantage of one The tribunal upheld Mr Chambers' claims that he suffered from anxiety and depression afte WorkSafe Victoria is using social media to raise awareness of the risks young people face at work, after learning that young workers are particularly vulnerable to workplace injuries.

Pizza Hut will offer staff training tackling stigma in the workplace, after teaming up with Mental Health UK to survey hospitality industry workers about mental health. While the QRC believes that Queensland's current compensation s The question of whether networking forms an essential part of the job description for a bank executive has been crucial to the rejection of a workers' compensation claim in South Australia, reports the Advertiser.

A heavy fall during a schmoozy pre-match dinner at Adelaid For Comcare workers wondering what constitutes a legitimate workplace injury, secondary weight gain and jogging are out but moving to Canberra is in, reports The Australian - at least for now.

Return to Work SA has been ordered to pay an undisclosed amount of compensation to a woman who tore the medial meniscus of her left knee while doing pilates at home.

The woman, Karen Baillie, was doing the exercises as part of the treatment for a heavy-lifting related back in Musculo-skeletal disorders and other physical health conditions can make people vulnerable to suicide, suggests a new study from Griffith University. According to the research, The national mental health commissioner, Professor Ian Worksafe-appointed insurers have been accused of seriously mishandling workers' compensation claims in Victoria.

Allegations including stalling cases to maximise insurer bonuses and doctor shopping for Independent Medical Examiners IMEs who will go against the broad med According to the Canadian Alliance for Sustainable Healthcare, unmet mental healthcare needs cost the Canadian economy billions of dollars in lost productivity - and employers have an important role to play in fixing the problem.

Queenslanders who suffer serious injury in the workplace are now guaranteed support across their lifetime regardless of blame.

A leaked review into the Ashley Youth Detention Centre in Tasmania suggests that a poor workplace culture is at least partly to blame for increases in time lost to injury and workers' compensation claims in the troubled facility. The report, prepared by Metis Management C A new study finds that listening to music in the workplace can promote co-worker cooperation and support - but not any song will do.

The hard rockers amongst us may be disappointed to learn that, when it comes to team-work inducing tunes, heavy metal loses out to positive, up Rachel Greenway was subject to verbal abuse and physical threats from the teenager, and then required NSW businesses and insurance brokers, keep your eyes peeled for a new self-service portal for workers' compensation launching in early , under the aegis of icare.

The self-service portal will be part of a raft of changes, as icare adopts responsibility for all workers UK Comedian Ricky Gervaise is just one of thousands to support an Australian campaign to start conversations about suicide and men's mental health.

Rugby player Luke Ambler developed the id WorkCover NSW has released new guidelines for claiming workers' compensation, combining and replacing the old guildelines for claims, work capacity, work capacity reviews and domestic assistance.

For access to a prerecorded webinar explaining the changes, follow the link The Queensland government will set up a parliamentary review into a resurgance of black lung amongst the state's coal miners. Opposition Leader Tim Nicholls called instead for a royal commission into the issue, pointing to union criticism of the Labor government as eviden The Office Olympics were held in Canada last week, with employees at the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans competing in events including chair rowing, cardboard 'boxing' and 'wasketball'.

Grieving families have united to call for adequate support from authorities to help address the issue. The scheme will be administered by the Victorian Farmers Federation in Victoria. WorkSafe WA are examining the management of occupational health and safety in community based disability and aged care assistance services.

They will focus on managing the risks, inclding people handling, trips and falls, and injuries associated with unpredictable client beha The Martime Union of Australia has been ordered to pay workers vilified as "scabs" at one of their worksites after losing an appeal. A Melbourne widow denied compensation over the death of her husband will now receive a compensation payment.

Her husband died of a heart attack last June while he was working for trucking company Cleanaway. Without compensation, the widow was forced to sell her home and move The chair of the Senate inquiry into black lung believes that there has been a flawed testing regime, and said that Australia should adopt national standards for the testing of black lung in coal workers.

There have been 11 cases of pneumoconiosis black lung discovered sinc Um es einfacher zu gestalten, kannst Du die Bollinger Bänder hinzuziehen. Diese bilden einen dynamischen Trendkanal mit einem Median, also einer Mittellinie, exakt in der Mitte zwischen der oberen und der unteren Linie. Mit etwas Übung kannst Du damit die einzelnen Wellen besser zuordnen.

Der wichtige vorbörsliche Handel beginnt um 8. Die verschiedenen Linien, welche die Vortagesstände zeigen, sind sehr wichtig. Das Hoch und das Tief vom Vorbörsenhandel ist eher untergeordnet wichtig, aber ein guter Anhaltspunkt für Widerstände und Unterstützungen. Der Kurs wird jetzt abwärts oder aufwärts zum jeweiligen Hoch- oder Tiefpunkt des Vortags streben. Hier oder an anderen wichtigen Widerständen prallt der Kurs entweder ab oder er durchbricht ihn. Beim Durchbrechen folgt meist ein Rücksetzer zu diesem Punk.

Geht der Kurs nun aber wieder weiter in die Trendrichtung, wird er das gerade eben neu generierte Hoch vor dem Rücksetzer durchbrechen. Das wäre der Einstiegspunkt. Der Geheimtrick der Superreichen: So verdoppelst du dein Trading-Konto mit leichtigkeit. Trading-Tools von unseren Experten kennen, mit denen du noch heute Geld verdienen kannst. Deine Daten sind sicher, die Anfrage wird selbstverständlich verschlüsselt übermittelt. Bitte beachte unsere Datenschutzerklärung.

In diesem Fall ist ein Gap entstanden, eine leere Lücke. Dieses Kurs-Gap kann schon vor seiner Eröffnung geschlossen worden sein.

Um das zu verstehen, solltest Du Dich mit den verschiedenen Möglichkeiten vertraut machen, die ein solches Gap mit sich bringt. Das kann übrigens auch eine sehr gute DAX-Strategie sein. Eröffnet der Kurs höher oder entgegengesetzt niedriger als am Vortag, hast Du natürlich keine Support- und Widerstandslinien als Hilfe.

Insbesondere, wenn der DAX ein Allzeithoch macht, wird es noch schwieriger. Dann helfen nur das Zählen der Wellen und die Fibonacci Rücksetzungsebenen. Natürlich auch das Bollinger Band. Läuft der Kurs jedoch nach Eröffnung nach unten, sind die eingezeichneten Support- und Widerstandslinien von Entscheidung. Entweder prallt der Kurs ab, oder er durchbricht die Linie, macht einen Rücksetzer und startet dann in die Trendrichtung weiter. Oft ist der Trend auch in einer Range, also einer Seitwärtsbewegung.

Im übergeordneten Chart-Bild betrachtet wirst Du feststellen, dass es sich meist um eine Korrekturphase handelt.

Es kann sich aber ebenso um den Abschluss eines 5- oder 3-welligen Trends handeln — auch im übergeordneten Trend. Bollinger-Band-Linien sind Einstiegs- als auch Ausstiegspunkte. Du hast Deine Trendkanäle gezeichnet und der Trend bricht nun aus. Entweder handelt es sich einen Fehlausbruch, der Trend läuft nur auf einer anderen Ebene Pitch Fork oder es kommt zur Korrektur.

Beleggers hielden de blik vooral gericht op de handelsbesprekingen tussen Washington en Peking, die dinsdag worden voortgezet. Op het Damrak kampte verlichtingsbedrijf Signify met een negatief analistenrapport. Ontdek nu risicoloos, hoe professionals verdienen met futures Klik hier voor meer informatie. Deze 13 Amerikaanse aandelen hebben het in zich om razendsnel te stijgen De afgelopen maanden waren zeer uitdagend.

En de komende periode belooft nog spannender te worden. De wereldwijde handelsspanningen, de voorgenomen Brexit en een mogelijke afkoeling van de wereldeconomie spoken door de hoofden van veel beleggers. Maar Goldman Sachs ziet het niet tragisch in.

Dat kwam dinsdag naar voren uit voorlopige resultaten over de laatste verslagperiode van het jaar. Ook de omzet liet een stevige daling zien. Signify verliest dikke 4 procent in redelijk groen gekleurde AEX Wederom een recordjaar voor vliegtuigbouwer Boeing Vooruitgang geconstateerd bij handelsoverleg tussen China en de VS ASML zou nu weleens serieus zijn vizier kunnen gaan richten op Mapper Op het Damrak vallen Signify, Boskalis en Curetis het meest op Deze 13 Amerikaanse aandelen hebben het in zich om razendsnel te stijgen Tegenvaller: Dagcommentaar AEX heeft belangrijk kruispunt op punten - om Goedemiddag, de AEX is gesloten op AEX test weerstand op en heeft steun op - om Goedemiddag, de AEX staat op AEX hoger van start, ondanks verlies op Wall Street - om We lopen vandaag fors op doordat de Chinese overheid met stimuleringsmaatregelen komt en dat er nu snelheid in het handelsoverleg tussen de VS en China lijkt te komen.

Buy the dip or sell the rally? Het sentiment is iets ongrijpbaars, maar momenteel hebben we duidelijk te maken met een vlam die weer even in de pan is geslagen. De koersen staan stevig onder druk. De G20 meeting zorgde voor een mooie opluchtingsrally aan het begin van de week. Hoewel er nog niks concreet is besloten, hebben Trump en zijn Chinese collega Xi het voor elkaar gekregen om even een adempauze van 90 dagen in te lassen.


More than stress claims were lodged with South Australia Police over the last four years, but the President of the Police Association of South Australia believes the real figures could be much higher. Dann helfen nur das Zählen der Wellen und die Fibonacci Rücksetzungsebenen.

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People with mental illness have Goedemiddag, de AEX is gesloten op

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